New survey-based technology improving Central Coast road efficiency

NSW’s Central Coast Council will host new survey-based technology to maximise efficiency on the region’s road projects.

Council Director Roads, Transport, Drainage and Waste, Boris Bolgoff, said that Council is installing a technology in graders and excavators to achieve millimetre accuracy and improve efficiency and accuracy.

“We are starting to install new survey systems in our excavators and graders which use GPS and 3D technology to dig and grade to millimetre accuracy,” Mr Bolgoff said.

“Using this new approach allows our teams to deliver the accuracy required without the need to have surveyors recheck levels.

“Design drawings are simply uploaded to the survey system and the construction machinery automatically adjusts to the design levels.

“Since starting the roll-out of the technology we have seen a reduction in material waste and achieved cost savings by delivering projects in less time.”

Central Coast Mayor, Lisa Matthew,s said that new survey-based technology was part of Council’s commitment to deliver the best road project outcomes for the Central Coast.

“Maintaining and developing our 2,200km network of roads is a big job and we are embracing new technology and products to deliver for our community.

“This technology is saving time and money and giving our staff more autonomy – all big ticks.

“This rollout follows other innovative and sustainable approaches we have adopted such as the use of a road surfacing product made from recycled soft plastic, glass and toner cartridges.” 

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