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The ACT Government has released a tender for the lead design consultant to work on the Canberra Hospital masterplan.

The masterplan will set out the development stages and design parameters for future development of the campus and will have a 20-year focus, building on detailed work undertaken by the ACT Health Directorate over the last four months.

Federal Minister for Health, Rachel Stephen-Smith, said the Canberra Hospital masterplan is another step in the modernisation of The Canberra Hospital.

“The ACT Government is making major investments in the Canberra Hospital campus, with the expansion of the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children and the SPIRE Project, a new state-of-the-art emergency, surgical and critical healthcare facility,” Ms Stephen-Smith, said.

“With planning for these investments well underway, the masterplan process seeks to ensure that all the health infrastructure on the campus, new and existing, supports the best outcomes for our community”.

“We want our hospital campus to contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors and to be future ready – embracing technological change and environmental sustainability.” 

The masterplan will primarily focus on the hospital campus itself, but will also consider the Canberra Hospital as part of a broader precinct, particularly with regard to traffic and parking issues.

“The Canberra Hospital is vital to the delivery of quality health care for Canberrans and people from our surrounding region. The ACT Labor Government will continue to make investments in hospitals and health facilities to ensure all Canberrans have access to the right healthcare, when and where they need it.”

Tenders for the design consultant will be open until 28 November 2019 with the masterplan expected to be complete mid-2020.

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  1. Robert Courtney 4 years ago

    I find it incomprehensible that the ACT Government is going ahead with the Spire Project at the Canberra Hospital and Health Services at Woden. The numerous objections, discussions and complaints have been just brushed aside as being irrelevant. The Woden Community Council has objected long and hard about the inconvenience to the Garran residents as well as individual complaints especially from the people living on Palmer Street and families that have children at the Garran Primary school. In November 2019 a press release stated that ‘the Government were prepared to listen’. Unfortunately, they are either deaf or the constructive comments appear to be too difficult to comprehend.
    This is a ‘band-aid’ solution to an already overpopulated hospital site. It is apparent that minimal research has been undertaken by the local planning authority to consider the increase in traffic, the difficulty or paucity of public transport, especially as the main thoroughfare, Hospital Road is to be blocked off and minimal improvements to parking facilities for additional staff and visitors. The future of the overall complex has not been thought through or considered in terms of overall practicality!
    It is apparent to anyone examining this plan in depth will note that the Hospital complex has outgrown the area now and in ten years or less will be back on the agenda for increased facilities. The answer is more land, and this must come from across Yamba Drive namely the old Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) area, car park and the adjacent playing field. Garran has an adequate playing field on the other side of the primary school and sports track area off Kitchener Street next to the Cemetery.
    The old CIT buildings are due for demolition and the area should be considered for specialist treatment rooms or medical research/teaching facilities. The playing field is underutilised and should be used for the hospital expansion with an air-bridge over Yamba Drive that could have a landing platform for emergency helicopters. This would solve many of the problems that now impact on the residents of Garran especially parking and the inconvenience of 24/7 helicopters landing and taking off. The existing bus shuttle service would have to be expanded to assist the public and staff to facilitate easy access to the various specialist facilities that even now are difficult to reach by pedestrians.
    Mr Paul Costigan, in Canberra Matters (City News – 30 January 2020), comments on our road system. He states ‘This ACT Government does not do planning – it just knows how to mess around and completely annoy residents and commuters. Is there anyone offering a sensible alternative?’ This comment is applicable to numerous Government run Canberra Projects.

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