Sydney’s bustling rail network and the associated train stations service thousands of commuters each day, who rely on clear, timely, up-to-date and regular audio announcements to get from A to B as efficiently as possible.

While they might not know it, passengers using most of the stations on the Sydney Trains network receive information that is delivered via tm stagetec systems’ digital PA system.

Already useful for transport operators, the digital PA system’s automatic digital voice announcement capabilities are enhanced with a web-based GUI system, which is designed to be easy to operate and has multiple languages and text-to-speech capabilities.

Sydney Trains is enhancing the digital PA system already in use on its network with the addition of Mobile PA. It has worked with the team from tm stagetec systems to add this additional feature to its PA systems in order to add flexibility and manageability to the digital PA system.

The addition of a Mobile PA platform enables Sydney Trains’ staff to make station-wide announcements from their mobile phones, without the need for additional hardware. The system is able to authenticate the staff member and checks their GPS location, as staff travel between stations regularly.

Once they are authenticated, the staff member is automatically logged in to the digital PA system of the station they are working at so they can make announcements from their mobile device. The mobile PA announcements can be to single and grouped zones. Users also have the ability to listen to zones from a mobile phone. This will offer increased mobility and adaptability to the PA systems on the Sydney Trains stations.

The Mobile PA system project utilises very low latency audio codecs and Wi-Fi that is specially configured, to ensure the lowest latency and no packet loss. In order to achieve the highest quality audio and remove other background noise, cardioid microphone configurations for the mobile phone have been implemented.

Centralised Servers run the system with only access points configured onsite. As with all digital PA systems from tm stagetec systems, the Mobile PA system be customised and is fully monitored by a CNMS where users can see the entire system status on a single webpage.

There are now 75 sites that are Mobile PA enabled and initial feedback from users of the system has been positive. The custom application used in the system is simply distributed by MDAM.

Public Address systems specialist tm stagetec systems will be exhibiting at AusRAIL Plus 2019. See all the latest from tm stagetec systems and their digital PA range at AusRail Plus in Sydney, 3-5 December at the ICC. Visit them at stand 46 or visit

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