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It’s frustrating in business to see a competitor’s marketing outshine your own, especially if that offering is actually inferior. Once upon a time, being the best at what you do in an infrastructure business was enough. People would talk and your reputation would precede you. Times have changed, and the businesses who know this and are getting ahead with their marketing are winning. 

People expect to be able to find evidence of your business across a range of platforms before they’re convinced that what they hear is true. It can be tempting to just keep working on your core business and hope that being the best will pay off. The reality is that it’s up to you to make sure your potential customers know and understand what you can do by being proactive with your marketing. 

Fantastic marketing won’t solve operational issues, so of course your business needs to actually be able to deliver what you’re telling the market. But poor marketing, or a complete lack of marketing, can mean the best infrastructure business is missing out. This happens when those awarding the contracts or purchasing the products are simply unaware of what’s on offer. 

Building business reputation

There was a time when having a great business reputation in the infrastructure world was created through completing work to a high quality. While this is still true to an extent, superior work alone doesn’t always get spoken about, and if it does, is it being heard in the right circles?

Word of mouth carries business only so far, and while sometimes this can be enough to sustain a great business for decades, eventually more marketing is needed. These days many infrastructure contracts are awarded through a tender process so the requirements are clear. That doesn’t mean that having a strong brand position before the tender process doesn’t matter. 

Relying on word of mouth marketing can be somewhat inefficient. You’re counting on people to be talking about your products or services to someone at the exact time they are open to hearing about them. That’s leaving a lot to chance. 

Customer testimonials are good, and should form part of your marketing plan, but the days of people chatting positively about your business are all but over. There are so many other places to stamp your authority to improve your market position. 

Being seen across the board

If a potential customer comes to you already knowing what you can do, your sales process becomes a lot easier. Regardless of whether this is a basic business to business transaction or a longer tender process, having a good reputation ahead of time matters. So how can this be achieved?

Ideally you want to show examples of your work wherever potential clients are looking. Knowing customers speak fondly about you is great, but where else do people have their attention?

Think about the many ways your potential customers might come across your business, and make sure you have a presence there. This includes having a great website with regularly updated content, whitepapers that highlight your expertise, infographics that simplify your offering and videos to illustrate your point. 

One way to make sure you’ve got your bases covered is to deliver your message via a content suite, where the same information is present in various formats across a range of platforms, including online, in print, on your own social media platforms and elsewhere online where your potential customers are looking. 

Make it happen

In our marketing agency (staffed by the same people who put together Infrastructure magazine), we’ve seen great success creating content suites for our ongoing clients. They love that by briefing us on a single topic we can create professional content to be shared widely in the market.  

Until 1 December 2019 you have the chance to win a content suite for your business, created by our team to be used however you see fit in your marketing. There’s no catch, you don’t need to sign up for ongoing marketing and you don’t need to pay us for the work (usually priced at $6,500). We just want some more examples of this package to show other businesses, so we’re giving one away.

To enter, just fill in a few details on the form below and we’ll contact the winner by the end of the year. 

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