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A huge number of projects require anchoring – from towers, sheet piles and cranes, to trees, walls and moorings – to ensure the stability of assets and the safety of workers. However, it’s not enough to be reliable; the range of anchors used also need to be adaptable. 

The AncorLoc system offers a range of tried-and-tested anchors to suit all sizes and applications across civil and structural infrastructure, including bridges and roads. Honed through years of technical and practical experience across a range of industries, the anchors deploy a simple, innovative solution to deliver maximum stability with minimum soil disturbance.

Most anchoring products use concrete, grouts and screw type fixtures which require additional costs and time to install. The AncorLoc system is different as it works alone. Anchors are driven into the ground using a drive rod and once it reaches the required depth, the rod or cable then rotates the anchor into undisturbed soil like a toggle bolt, ensuring optimal grip. 

The combination of the anchor’s size and the depth that it can go allows it to have a strong holding capacity in every soil type. Even if the soil has been affected by things like flooding, AncorLoc’s products can be driven to depths below the affected topsoils or poor soil groups. 

Specific anchoring solutions for different projects 

The Duckbill – the smallest in the range –  is a cabled anchor designed for smaller loads, from trees through to civil and structural applications. Duckbill anchors can be cabled with a variety of tendons, from galvanized aircraft cable for normal usage to stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance, making them highly adaptable.

The Manta Ray and Sting Ray anchors are perfect for larger tonnages such as towers, retaining walls (including sea walls), moorings and assisted footings. They can be used both on land and underwater.

Once they are driven into the ground, AncorLoc anchors are tipped and load-locked with Foresight’s Anchor Locking Kit. This provides an immediate proof test of each anchor. 

The simplicity of AncorLoc’s applications allow for quick installation, saving labor costs and reducing the amount of concrete and steel needed on a project. In addition to infrastructure projects, these anchors have provided solutions for utilities, port authorities, portable buildings, shade structures and landscape design. 

This partner content is brought to you by AncorLoc Australia. For more information visit ancorloc.com.au.

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