WAGO IO System Advanced in action

With the new WAGO I/O System Advanced, WAGO has developed the leading solution for future-proof automation in mechanical engineering.

As a gateway to WAGO’s universal 750 Series I/O System, the new IP20 I/O System Advanced combines the proven benefits and functionality of the 750 Series with a fresh and ergonomic design, error-preventing mechanics, and outstanding performance.

The results: short reaction times, high signal transmission synchronicity and the ability to use fast ETHERNET fieldbuses (e.g., PROFINET, EtherCAT®, Ethernet/IP), as well as Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in the future – all of which make the I/O System Advanced the new benchmark for high-end industrial automation systems.

IO System Advanced module

#madeforTSN: ready for modern mechanical engineering

The team at WAGO is convinced that the new communication standard offers unbeatable advantages.

Not only does TSN markedly increase the performance of your industrial network; it also provides the basis for direct communication from the field level with each device on other levels without needing to access gateways as before, or to completely revamp the communication technologies.

Fast, real-time capable, standardized, connected from end to end – all this, from TSN.

With the debut of I/O System Advanced, WAGO is also relaunching the PFC200 Controller that pairs the new system’s exterior design with industry-proven PFC technology.

The new controller is a bridge to various technologies via the Linux® operating system and Docker virtualization (IT), as well as IEC 61131 runtime system (OT).

Sending data to the cloud and leveraging all the benefits of cloud computing are straightforward thanks to a large number of interfaces and the highest security standards.

Users benefit from all of these advantages without investing a significant amount of time or money because the I/O System Advanced supports well-known PFC functionalities and CODESYS-based programming via e!COCKPIT.

In addition, this gateway to WAGO’s universal 750 Series I/O System allows all 500+ modules to be directly connected, maximizing system investment.

Advantages include open, innovative and future-proof automation system for mechanical engineering. The I/O System Advanced combines the proven benefits and functionality of the 750 Series with an ergonomic design, error-preventing mechanics, and outstanding performance.

The new WAGO Controller PFC200 ADV 2ETH combines the vast possibilities of PFC technology with the I/O System Advanced. With its fast internal processing, the WAGO I/O System Advanced offers short reaction times and high signal transmission synchronicity.

About WAGO

The WAGO Group is an international, standard-setting supplier of electrical interconnections, automation and interface electronic products. The family-run company is the world market leader and inventor of spring pressure connection technology and has continued to grow since being founded in 1951.

WAGO products are used globally in power and process technology, building automation, machinery and equipment, as well as industrial and transportation applications. They are trusted anywhere electrical conductors must be connected to each other or where complex automation systems must be controlled.

In Australia, they have continuously been proven to contribute to safety and the reliable operation of devices and complete installations.

The WAGO Group consists of nine international production and main sales locations, 20 additional sales offices and the M&M Software specialist. In addition, there are representatives in over 80 countries, giving the company a strong global presence.

Electrical Interconnections

For rapid, secure, maintenance-free connections: WAGO is your partner for all conductor types. Our selection runs from rail-mount terminal block systems, installation and field-wiring terminal blocks, to pluggable connectors and fee-through components, to PCB connection and marking solutions.

Automation Technology

Measurement, control, regulation: WAGO’s automation technology and associated software are future-ready and save time. Our I/O systems, controllers, displays and panels are characterized by a high level of reliability – even under the most extreme conditions.

Interface Electronic

Ease of use with maximum system uptime: The interface modules from WAGO meet the highest demands. Plan and perform your tasks reliably with our signal conditioners, relay and optocoupler modules, voltage converters and power supplies, as well as interface modules and system wiring.

This partner content is brought to you by WAGO. For more information contact WAGO Australia & New Zealand on (03) 8791 6300 or visit our website at www.wago.com/au

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