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New South Wales’ Port Botany can now access Transport Certification Australia’s (TCA) Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) application to optimise road use data.

RIM is an application of the National Telematics Framework and provides an efficient, standardised way of collecting and analysing telematics data from vehicles, and incorporates safeguards to ensure transport operator and vehicle-specific data is protected.

With the release of Transport for NSW’s New South Wales Class 3 Port Botany Container Transportation Mass Exemption Notice 2019 (No. 1), eligible heavy vehicles carrying freight containers can operate at axle group masses consistent with Concessional Mass Limits (CML) when fitted with vehicle safety equipment and telematics monitoring.

The notice enables travel to or from a prescribed stevedore terminal at Port Botany on approved routes within the Greater Sydney Area.

Road managers and regulators can access TCA’s Telematics Analytics Platform (TAP) to view aggregated reports on road usage, for example heavy vehicle traffic, peak times of travel on a given route, average vehicle speed at a certain location, or common stopping places for rest breaks.

Map-based representations of data and analytics collected through the RIM application can help optimise road access decisions, network maintenance and inform future infrastructure investment.

The Port Botany Container Movement Efficiency Scheme is the second use of the new RIM application in NSW, following SPECTS – a safety, productivity and environment construction transport scheme administered by Transport for NSW.

Construction vehicles operating under SPECTS must meet all conditions, including enrolment in the RIM application, for permits to travel on all state roads and approved local roads in the NSW Urban Zone excluding bridges signposted with load limits.

RIM allows transport operators to use whatever telematics device and systems they have in their vehicle, rather than demanding that they buy new certified or approved devices.

More information on RIM is available on the TCA website.

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