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In keeping with its mission to build project confidence through advanced technology, InEight has introduced an industry-first, comprehensive framework designed to help organisations adopt and fully implement an Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) practice. 

InEight’s collaborative AWP framework combines pre-planning, planning, execution and turnover into a single, scalable solution for an optimised path of construction.

A synchronised approach across engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) entities, InEight’s Advanced Work Packaging solution intelligently integrates data, processes and stakeholder collaboration to achieve lower cost and schedule risk, higher field productivity and greater project certainty. 

AWP has been shown to reduce total installed costs by ten per cent and increase productivity by as much as 25 per cent.

InEight’s chief executive officer, Jake Macholtz, said the company was truly defining what AWP means for owners and contractors.

“Our solution fosters stakeholder collaboration at the outset of the project, which enables the design of a constraint-free work environment in the field,” Mr Macholtz said.

“Having engineering, procurement and construction teams engage to establish, implement and refine front-end and workface planning across the project life cycle will lead to more predictable outcomes.”

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A critical building block for AWP is a consensus-built, knowledge-driven cost and schedule forecast. This forecast ensures the project plan can be divided into work sequences that optimise construction, engineering and the supply chain for field execution. 

InEight’s purpose-built data flow simultaneously captures historical project information and expert opinion from multiple sources to feed the artificial intelligence (AI) planning and scheduling engine. 

The result is a top-down, risk-adjusted forecast that can be broken down into more manageable Construction Work Packages (CWPs) and executed in the field as Installation Work Packages (IWPs) and daily work plans. 

Spanning the entire project life cycle, InEight’s solution iteratively designs packages of work across disciplines and stakeholders to establish a constraint-free path of construction. 

“It’s really about getting the right stuff to the right people at the right time,” Macholtz said.

In line with AACE and CII recommended best practices, InEight’s Advanced Work Packaging solution helps reduce costs and schedule impacts, increase productivity and improve predictability for capital and construction projects

Learn more about InEight’s AWP solution here

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This partner content is brought to you by InEight. InEight delivers proven project certainty through advanced technology by helping owners, contractors and engineers visualise, estimate, control, connect and manage all aspects of their capital projects. 

Developed by construction professionals for construction professionals, InEight solutions deliver project confidence at every phase of the life cycle, helping minimise risk, control costs, increase efficiency and provide greater visibility for superior project outcomes. A subsidiary of Kiewit, InEight is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S., and is ISO 27001-certified. For more information, visit

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