EROAD accurate speed camera in action

Transport telematics company EROAD invests heavily in maintaining accurate road information, providing world-leading map data accuracy that can be relied on by transport operators and commercial drivers.

EROAD updates their mapping data daily, based on feedback from customers as well as information supplied by government transport agencies. 

Additionally, the company’s products are regularly providing data on over 50 million road segments located across Australia, New Zealand and North America, including over 250 million updated locations delivering accurate address information for service delivery reports.

Speed updates are the most visible change, as are the roads that are being built or removed. These are important to prevent drivers triggering an unwelcome over-speed event. 

Over-speed events can happen if there is a tunnel, overpass, on/off ramp or other road (with a different speed), but immediately beside or over the road being travelled on. In this case, the GPS can confuse the roads, creating overspeed events on ramps, roundabouts or on specific roads and properties that seem to contradict the real-world speed. 

To address this, EROAD’s latest mapping update has changed speed handling by removing the speed from all highway on-ramps and off-ramps.

The company is aware that many organisations are using EROAD’s Leaderboard for driver coaching and reward which is why considerable work gets done across a range of metrics to ensure the driver rankings are accurate. 

This includes turning and heading data from the vehicle as well as scanning the entire area around every potential overspeed event location to be sure all ambiguity is removed. 

Leaderboard accounts for all nearby roads, assesses potential mismatched routes and trouble areas and will only generate an over speed event when calculations are completely certain. 

Road shape and position is also updated, as these can impact the taxable status of roads. This provides accurate data for those using EROAD’s automated products for their fringe benefit tax

EROAD’s frequent updates also include back-end performance improvements which hasten data processing. This enables continual service enhancement in addition to delivering accurate and reliable road information.

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