With its vast land mass, Australia has no shortage of remote sites without access to power or communications. These sites are often difficult to monitor, especially during extreme weather events, which demand immediate visibility of a specific area. A new rapid deployment camera provides dependable monitoring on even the most remote sites.

Reliable and secure monitoring is vital in minimising risk during one-time or temporary events – extreme weather, popular public events, construction sites and roadworks at high-risk intersections.

However, often the cost of getting power and communications to these remote sites can be prohibitively expensive, particularly if the area only needs to be monitored for a limited period of time.

Rapid deployment and easy use 

Madison Technologies’ mRDC Dome is a rapid deployment camera that provides cost-effective remote site monitoring with no power or communications required.

With its own battery system, the mRDC can be charged and powered via solar input or mains power supply. When connected to an optional solar kit, it achieves complete autonomous operation.

The unit’s integrated communications provide 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity, which are easily configured. Remote access is possible utilising the built-in VPN support.

The mRDC’s bracket deployment system is designed so one person can swiftly mount it onto any surface. The brackets can be installed permanently across multiple locations, allowing the cameras to be moved between brackets as needed for multi-site security.

The mRDC is equipped with a Mobotix camera encompassing day/night lenses for high-quality footage in almost any environment, and a built-in web interface allows users to monitor the unit’s settings, status and power consumption.

The mRDC has been deployed in a vast variety of applications. Following a successful trial in July 2013, Gold Coast City Council began using the mRDC across black spot locations to curb hooning behaviour, and Logan City Council has deployed the camera for crime prevention.

During the floods across Far North Queensland in early 2019, a rail authority used the mRDC to monitor a particularly flood-prone section of the Mt Isa Line. Assessing the images helped inform personnel to stow an 80-wagon-long train scheduled to pass along it.

Other applications span industries such as mining, water utilities, renewables, education, public health, and community and religious institutions.

In-built innovation

The mRDC Dome was developed by Madison Technologies, one of many in the company’s impressive suite. Far more than a ‘box dropper’ distributor, Madison is a passionate champion of solutions through innovative technology.

This ethos gave rise to an internal technical services team, Madison Techlab, which operates as a specialist innovations hub.

When customers have a unique challenge, Madison collaborates with them to provide innovative technology-based solutions – which often involves combining products from a number of brands it represents to develop the best possible solution.

Just like the mRDC Dome, Madison will go where others can’t, to help companies stay well connected.

This partner content is brought to you by Madison Technologies, a B2B distributor of technology for commercial and industrial applications. For more information, visit madison.tech/brands/mrdc/.

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