The Building Confidence Report that was handed down by Professor Peter Shergold and Bronwyn Weir last year, delivered a damning assessment of public confidence in the building and construction sector. Regulation and industry-leading Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is key to rebuilding confidence and increasing efficiency in the sector.

In the report, the authors noted that they, “have heard suggestions that large numbers of practitioners operating in the industry…lack competence”, that public confidence in the sector had plummeted and, “until relatively recently, there has been almost no effective regulatory oversight of the commercial building industry by regulators”.

The strength of the sector lies in effective regulation. Robust regulation improves our ability to compete and prosper economically; ineffective or costly regulation handicaps performance and results in further diminished consumer confidence.

Upskilling the workforce and building confidence

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has a unique position in the industry, delivering assurance to the market through its standards and regulatory frameworks, and its commitment to delivering globally-recognised, industry-leading CPD.

One of the key findings from the Building Confidence Report was the critical role that CPD plays in both upskilling the workforce and ensuring confidence in them.

This highlights the primary reason why CPD requirements are a fundamental element of a RICS membership.

CPD is becoming more important across the commercial real estate, valuation and building and construction sectors.

It is an increasingly critical part of a professional career and is needed to meet the continuous and advancing changes in technology and regulations, increasing specialisation, and the complexity and integration of the supply network.

While CPD needs to remain both critical and comprehensive, it doesn’t have to be a chore. All RICS CPD offerings are designed to be as both informative and engaging as possible, but now they will go a step further, taking the advice from professionals across the sector who agree that training is most beneficial when it is collaborative, practical and relevant.

A new training concept 

This is why RICS is launching its inaugural CPD Days. Through this innovative concept, it is shaking up the way it offers professional development and networking opportunities by combining the two in an entertaining and innovative new format.

The unique program goes beyond its traditional CPD event offerings by featuring three separate conferences – focusing on quantity surveying and construction, commercial real estate and valuation – taking place concurrently in the one location, followed by cross-industry networking drinks.

The events will be held in Sydney and Melbourne and will feature a range of Australia’s most experienced industry professionals. This provides a rare opportunity to not only learn from the best, but to also engage with your peers, getting the best of both worlds.

This partner content is brought to you by RICS. For more information on the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) CPD Days, please visit

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