In light of the COVID-19 worldwide health crisis, Rajant has developed an Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit as a connectivity solution for facility-strapped health facilities who have run out of patient beds and need to expand operations to care for the seriously ill. 

This wireless network kit can also be used to provide network communications in temporary COVID-19 testing facilities. 

Currently, Rajant has made these kits available to the American Federal Government to disperse as necessary to hospitals around the US.

How can the Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit be used in Australia?

Although Australia hasn’t currently reached hospital capacities as seen in the United States, having these products readily available in Australia, can help put Australian hospitals in a proactive position to fight against COVID-19. 

If Australia was to require emergency treatment facilities, Rajant Kinetic Mesh wireless systems, using multi-radio, multi-frequency BreadCrumb® nodes, and Rajant’s patented InstaMesh® networking protocol, can all be deployed and set up in as little as 30-60 minutes. 

These products are able to be set up anywhere up to 2km from the main facility (or can be operated as a standalone Private Mesh Network) and are able to be to be set up by Rajant Partners and IT Health Workers responsible for maintaining existing site communications infrastructure requirements, with the products designed for self-administration and rapid tear down.

The Rajant BreadCrumbs® also allow medical facilities to establish temporary medical care centres with connectivity for telephones, computers, medical records, prescriptions and diagnostic imaging for MRI’s, X-rays and CT scans.

Whether an outdoor temporary building, or indoor convention hall is required, Rajant’s network is architected for immediate ad hoc deployment to develop a highly secure private network solution virtually anywhere. 

With any use case, Rajant is the only wireless manufacturer with a certification from the US Government for its highest level of encryption to protect mission-critical data, video and voice communications.

With Rajant’s Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit, remote emergency shelters will be enabled with vital:

  • Connectivity for VoIP telephones
  • Computer connectivity for admissions, medical records, and prescriptions
  • Providing connectivity for diagnostic imaging, like MRIs, X-Rays, and CT scans
  • Tracking and locating equipment using AeroScout asset tags
  • Private Wi-Fi for hospital personnel to connect tablets, laptops, and phones

Unfortunately, with networks already under strain, hospitals and general clinics using telehealth video conferencing practices can often struggle to gain enough network bandwidth, especially when there are multiple people trying to access the network. 

To relieve the pressure on already congested telecommunications infrastructure, integrating Rajant’s Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit into Australian hospitals and high-volume general practices, will increase the bandwidth of the network and allow for easy set up and increase network security, further protecting patient and doctor confidentiality.

The Rajant “living” mesh solution has been specifically designed to provide simple, yet highly reliable wireless connectivity in even the most demanding environments, with these products providing proven solutions for emergency services and first responders for almost 20 years.

This partner content is brought to you by Madison Technologies. As a Rajant Kinetic Mesh Distributor, Madison Technologies is available to answer any questions regarding a Kinetic Mesh solution.

Australian-owned and established over 28 years ago, the team at Madison Technologies is dedicated to helping partners find practical and reliable solutions for communications and networking challenges.

Madison Technologies is focused on delivering and developing high-quality communications and networking technology that’s built to last. It manufactures and distributes a range of leading global brands across utilities, resources, transport, manufacturing, commercial enterprise and telecommunications sectors.

View more information about the Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit, along with other technology distributed by Madison, here

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