Ports Australia has welcomed three new members from both local and international corporations.

The newest members are Papua New Guinea (PNG) Ports Corporation, Victorian Ports Corporation and Aurecon.

PNG Ports Corporation is a state-owned authority, serving the South Pacific nation as its gateway to the world. 

PNG Ports Corporation owns and operates 15 of the 22 declared ports in the country and provides berthage, wharfage, pilotage and harbour management services.

Ports Australia said it welcomes PNG Ports Corporation with great excitement as it joins a growing list of international associate members from across the South Pacific region.

Ports Australia said PNG Ports Corporation’s new membership comes at a time when regional collaboration and international supply chain fortification should be an even greater focus. 

Knowledge sharing and strengthening of communication lines are just some of the benefits of such international partnerships, according to Ports Australia.

Victorian Ports Corporation Melbourne (VPCM) is the Victorian State Government authority responsible for the management of commercial shipping in Port Phillip, safe navigation in the port waters of the Port of Melbourne, waterside emergency and marine pollution response, and the management of Station Pier as Victoria’s premier cruise shipping facility.

The addition of VPCM as a full member to Ports Australia brings another body with expertise in vital infrastructure-related services for trade, tourism and safety.

Aurecon, Ports Australia’s newest associate member, is a company specialising in the reimagining of engineering, design and advisory. Aurecon serves an international clientele, including several international ports.

Ports Australia’s CEO, Mike Gallacher, welcomed the new members, excited to bring their diverse knowledge to the table.

“Victorian Ports Corporation brings a unique skill set managing key channels and assets throughout the state of Victoria… their knowledge will be a great asset to Ports Australia’s work going forward,” Mr Gallacher said.

Mr Gallacher also reiterated why building connections with ports from across the South Pacific is so integral to shaping a sustainable future for the region’s sector.

“At Ports Australia, we envision a future where Australian ports share a relationship with their South Pacific counterparts which fosters collaboration and results in creative problem solving,” Mr Gallacher said.

“We know that while many ports share the same challenges – and there’s plenty of challenges with COVID-19 continuing to loom – they don’t always share the same solutions, which is where knowledge sharing becomes so vital.”

Managing Director of PNG Ports, Fego Kiniafa, said PNG Ports was proud to join as a member of Ports Australia and be given the opportunity to learn and share experiences with other ports in Australia.

“This forum provides the perfect platform for PNG Ports to discuss and address our issues and challenges in the port and maritime services sector, and be on par with the best practices and standards in the industry,” Mr Kiniafa said.

“We look forward to more connectivity and networking as we learn from ports in Australia and discuss issues which will impact and improve our service delivery and performance.

“We hope that our experiences will also give the ports in Australia a fair idea of our challenges, ambitions and how best we can work together to strengthen our partnership for the development of our region.”

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