Smart pi is an equipment manufacturer providing high-quality hardware and software for public information systems. Now the innovative Smart pi ECOsystem offers more than just products and applications that communicate information to the general public.

The Smart pi ECOsystem is a fully integrated Smart Public Information environment; it works as one seamless system across public spaces and transportation hubs of all sizes.

The Smart pi ECOsystem has been designed to look, feel and work as one. For example, the Smart pi DVA (Digital Voice Announcement) range can integrate with the Smart pi EYE (Digital Information/Signage System) to display the metadata of announcements being made on the visual displays as they are playing.

The ECOsystem includes:

  • Smart pi Audio Systems
  • Smart pi Help and Information Points
  • Smart pi Visual Systems

Smart pi ECOsystem has been designed to offer ease of operation for the user. Training is simple as there is no need to learn to use a range of different products. All of the components of the Smart pi ECOsystem range work as one from a web-based configuration.

The size of the ECOsystem is scalable, from the smallest installation right up to the huge systems containing 10,000 devices and beyond. It uses and supports all open standards such as GTFS and GTFS-R forthe transport industry. For control, AES 70/OCA are used and fully supported by the Ecosystem.

This partner content was brought to you by tm stagetec systems. tm stagetec systems is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Smart pi ECOsystem. For more information, click here.

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