Monitoring and maintaining industrial communications equipment remotely can take workers into tough and difficult locations. It can be a tedious and pricey exercise, but it doesn’t need to be that way. New and innovative technologies have allowed for simple, secure and efficient connectivity like never before.

Madison Technologies has selected some top product picks for connecting critical assets.

2255X LTE Cellular Router by Cybertec

The Cybertec 2255X is a 4G/LTE cellular router with extended connectivity capabilities with a total of 8 in and 5 out digital I/O. Generally, Cybertec routers are ideal for a wide range of M2M applications. Utilising the coverage and flexibility of 4GX, 4G and 3G, they provide a reliable communications platform for interfacing with both Serial and Ethernet enabled devices.

Why we recommend:

  • 2255X is a mid-range product, meaning its capabilities will suit most jobs and doesn’t leave you out of pocket paying for the high speeds that aren’t necessary for the application
  • Robust and durable design – specifically designed for use in the harsh Australian outback in dusty and hot conditions
  • DNP3 Slave – allows you to monitor simple alarms or controls on sites without using the RTU
  • The inputs and outputs are monitored and controlled using DNP3
  • The entire Cybertec range is designed and manufactured in Australia

EDS-2000 Series by Moxa

The EDS-2000 Series of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches range from having five 10/100M copper ports and two 10/100/1000BaseT(X) or 100/1000BaseSFP combo ports, on various entry level and mainstream level models within the series. There is a model to fit any application requiring simple industrial Ethernet connections to high-bandwidth data convergence and mission critical automation.

Why we recommend:

    • Devices in the series have a small and compact form factor that fit most machines and cabinet. The EDS-2005-EL model is close to the size of a credit card
    • Optimised data transmissions through enhanced data efficiency via QoS and BSP functions
    • Reliable durability with a large temperature range and IP40 rated metal housing (on select models) to withstand the harsh Australian environment
    • Support for Multiple Input voltages 12/24/48 VDC (ML Series has support for Redundant dual 12/24/48 power inputs)
    • High level EMI/EMC capabilities
    • The EDS-2000 Series has also passed a 100 per cent burn-in test to ensure it will function reliably in the field

Babel Buster Protocol Converter SPX Pro V2 by Control Solutions Minnesota Inc.

The Control Solutions Babel Buster SPX Pro V2 works as a site SNMP trap receiver that converts SNMP traps and puts them into a Modbus register. This allows the site SCADA system to monitor SNMP traps from critical devices such as microwave links and network switches. 

The BB SPX Pro V2 is also a SNMP to Modbus gateway including Modbus TCP client and server, and Modbus RTU configurable as master or slave. The SPX Pro-V2 includes an SNMP client, and a server with its own MIB that you map Modbus registers to. The SPX Pro-V2 can readily exchange data between Modbus and SNMP devices.

Why we recommend:

  • The Babel Buster range is unique to the market and allows crossover between OT and IT networks allowing for a more inclusive network
  • Converts SNMP to Modbus and Modbus to SNMP
  • Brings critical SNMP alarms into the local site SCADA system using Modbus registers
  • Easily configurable with other brands and devices such as Moxa

Madison Technologies manufactures and distributes a range of leading communications technology brands across utilities, mining, transport, manufacturing, commercial enterprise and telecommunications sectors.

Our team of dedicated sales and technical support engineers is committed to getting the right solution for our customers. Our product portfolio is fully supported with an extensive range held locally across our national supply chain. For more information and to view our range visit or contact our team on 1800 72 79 79.

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