Absafe Group supplies a comprehensive range of products and services focused on safety and flexibility, with high levels of customisation. As the National Distribution and Service Agent for Sky Climber, Absafe excels in providing the right solution for your access requirements.

The sky climber swing stage system

The Sky Climber Swing Stage System allows infrastructure workers to set up in any location where wire ropes can be hung, providing extremely flexible and efficient access to structures of any height.

Its modular design and articulation capabilities allow it to fit into all locations. As the Swing Stage requires fewer parts to access the same working area as a scaffold, it is considerably faster to install and a more cost-effective option for getting tradesmen to the right point, at the right time.

Sky climber alpha hoists

The Alpha series has often been referred to as the most premium hoists in the powered suspended access business. With superior engineering design, they boast a unique traction mechanism which allows wire rope to enter without friction and then squeezes the rope with equally distributed pressure over 360° to attain the lifting traction.

Coupled with a highly efficient planetary gearbox, this combination has been a true success in meeting users’ needs. This series is offered in many variations to fit the needs of any project.

Reducing costs and safety risks

Sky Climber Swing Stages provide significant value through improved efficiency and the reduction of risks, project duration, and disturbances to daily operations.

It is suitable to be implemented on new commercial construction, heavy industrial works, maintenance, big projects, and anything in between. The Alpha hoist motors are robust, reliable and safe.

As the primary Australian distributor, reseller, and master service agent of Sky Climber Swing Stage equipment and Alpha hoists, Absafe provides businesses with the opportunity to purchase these products for themselves, saving a considerable amount of money compared to the cost of renting for lengthy projects.

Absafe works closely with companies to develop custom designs to suit each specific scope of work, and provides engineered design and on-site training to guarantee safety, reliability and the perfect match for your task.

This partner content is brought to you by Absafe Group. For more information, visit shop.absafe.com.au.

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