According to Safe Work Australia, in the past two years more than 230 Australians were killed at work, with almost half of this number being employees in the transport, postal, warehousing and construction sectors. What these figures don’t account for though are the near misses and injuries sustained by workers. Technology can help make these incidents more preventable.

Temporary traffic controllers are critical to managing the safe passage of vehicles through road work sites. Traffic control workers, whether working on busy highways, country roads or large private sites, are putting their lives at risk every day to keep others safe.

The number of speeding vehicles, distracted drivers and heavy machinery they deal with on a daily basis can be up to 10,000 vehicles over an eight-hour period.

For this reason, it is important for traffic controllers to be able to carry out their duties in a safe environment by removing them from the roadside where possible.

Traditionally STOP/SLOW signs are used by workers to control traffic, but this requires controllers to be next to, or directly on, the road.

These signs can be dangerous for a number of reasons: the first being that traffic controllers are directly in the line of fire of incoming traffic; and secondly, they can be difficult to see from a distance in large vehicles.

STOP/SLOW signs can expose traffic controllers to speeding or careless drivers. Relocating the operator from busy roadways removes the greatest risk of injury or death.

Portable traffic light reduces risk

The best way to remove workers from harm’s way without compromising a job’s effectiveness is to use a portable traffic light.

The PTL Portable Traffic Signal System (PTSS) uses smart and innovative technology to enhance visibility, making it safe and efficient for traffic control operators. Controllers can easily control the temporary traffic lights with a Handheld Remote Control (HRC) at a safe distance from traffic.

After using the PTL system a Traffic Control Manager said, “Keeping my workers safe is the most important thing to me. That’s why I love using PTL.

They are simple and easy to learn and make it that much safer for me, my team and the other workers we are protecting.

“This happens not just by removing us from the roadside, but out of the sun, where possible, so we are able to stay alert to manage the traffic in the safest and most efficient way we can.”

With transport authorities all over the country campaigning for more regulations and awareness for safety around traffic controllers, implementing a portable traffic signal is a simple and definitive way to reduce the risks surrounding the work of traffic controllers.

While these devices can require an upfront investment, you can’t put a price on the safety and life of a person.

This partner content is brought to you by Madison Technologies. Madison Technologies’ Portable Traffic Light system is ITS Approved in Queensland and Western Australia, with more states to come. If you would like more information on the PTL, please visit

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