The use of vulcanised rubber for track damping systems has a number of benefits over other typical materials used in the rail sector, including increased design flexibility and durability, ease of installation and reduced maintenance costs.

Since its establishment in 1947, STRAILastic has become a world-leading expert in the design and manufacture of vulcanised rubber products, providing customers with high-quality products and services to meet their requirements.

Its rubber product range is made from 70 per cent secondary raw materials, with the hot vulcanisation production process permanently bonding the surface of the virgin rubber with the recycled rubber and mineral compound.

This process results in precisely moulded, electrically isolated, and durable elements that are resistant to wear, fire and UV ozone.

Vulcanised rubber is used in a number of STRAILastic systems, including STRAILastic_TOR, STRAILastic_TOR Simplex and green track systems.

All of these products can be fully recycled and repurposed at the end of their service life making them environmentally friendly.


The STRAILastic_TOR system is used for both grooved light rail or sleeper tracks and can accommodate all types of rail fastening while meeting stray current insulation requirements.

It provides noise attenuation of the wheel rail interface and reduced vibration. The design geometry of the system is independent of the sleeper or fastening type, and its modular design provides flexibility to adapt to different track support designs and sleeper spacing.

Strailastic_TOR simplex

This unique system combines the flexibility of the TOR system with the simplicity of a bottom up construction track support system, which eliminates the need to place an initial bottom concrete slab, saving considerable time, inconvenience and cost to both the community and project delivery schedule.

Combined with the STRAILastic_GRS track section baseplate, TOR Simplex allows for infinite rail top and line adjustment with different spring numbers to meet requirements and can reduce track installation times by 15 per cent.

The vulcanised chamber filling elements of the TOR and TOR Simplex systems extend around and up to the top of the rail, making them suitable for all types of track structures and making maintenance-intensive joint sealing obsolete.

As the chamber units are designed to fit snugly to the rail profile, they can be installed quickly, easily and without adhesive, significantly reducing construction time and costs, and minimising community disruption.

Green track systems

STRAILastic’s green track systems can be adapted for different installation heights depending on the track and sleeper type, and they can be used with vignole as well as grooved rails on ballasted track for additional savings, while ensuring the corridor remains both accessible for emergency vehicles and safe for pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

Green tracks can retain a large amount of rainwater, and absorb road and fine dust pollution, improving the microclimate of urban centres. As the track is encapsulated, primary airborne noise is also significantly reduced compared to ballast tracks.

The STRAILastic_R green track system protects the track structure from stray current, and is UV ozone and fire resistant, while its modular design simplifies maintenance, allowing for easy renewal and replacement. It also gives the track a natural appearance, making it visually attractive.

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