Concrete is one of the most economical, durable surfaces utilised in workplaces of all shapes and sizes. From industrial plants to commercial facilities, this hardy substance is the best premium interior and exterior ground surface option around the world.

This is a robust flooring option  thanks to its ability to retain integrity, despite often constant use. But even the toughest of concrete floors sustain damage over time, be it from mechanical stress or chemical attack. Such scarring is not only an eyesore, but it represents a significant risk to employees and customers if it causes slips, trips or falls.

The answer to this problem? Repair damage with ARC EG-1 – a brand new, rapid setting epoxy that can be used to repair small or large eroded sections of concrete flooring in a matter of hours.

ARC EG-1: Fast-setting grout re-surfacer for the repair of concrete surfaces

There was a time when the only real solution to repair uneven or damaged concrete surfaces was to relay a complete section. But thanks to this innovative, rapid-setting epoxy grout, it’s now possible to re-level large areas and voids, and even use it to form concrete elements, such as kerbs, containments, pump bases and pier supports.

Employing the latest technology, this 100 per cent solid, three-part epoxy grout uses a low viscosity, moisture-tolerant chemistry that’s reinforced with a dried blend of graded and pigmented silica aggregates. Its benefits include the ease of application and it sets in as little as four hours.

Created by protective coating experts, Chesterton, ARC EG-1 allows for fast, cost-effective repair that negates the need for lengthy and costly concrete surface repairs.

Some of the reasons to use ARC EG-1 grout re-surfacer include:

  • It repairs voids up to 30cm in depth or width
  • It’s fast setting, and can be rapidly coated within 4-6 hours with other ARC coatings for increased mechanical or chemical protection
  • It bonds to damp or dry concrete 
  • It’s easily applied and cures fast, allowing for a quick return to service
  • It can be used in multiple scenarios, such as forming kerbs and pads, to patch machinery footprint damage, to fill spalled areas and to create slopes to aid drainage
  • It’s free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with no free isocyanates

ARC EG-1 helps companies comply with health and safety requirements

Workplace injuries are something that every employer has a duty to address. A massive 10-15 per cent of Australians who take time off work due to injury do so because they’ve tripped over something. Damaged concrete flooring is a common culprit, and such an incident can have dramatic consequences. Some of these include:

  • The loss of employee hours
  • Pain and stress to the person who’s injured
  • The risk of litigation
  • Cultivation of a culture of ‘the management doesn’t care’ amongst employees

Identifying and controlling risks, such as uneven or damaged concrete flooring, is a legal and moral obligation for companies. The prompt use of ARC EG-1 not only provides the effective management of damaged concrete slip and trip hazards, but also provides the ability to do so in an affordable manner.

Another consideration of damaged concrete is that exposed areas are porous. Spilled liquids seep in, creating a perfect habitat in which mould and bacteria can breed. Repairing flawed areas with ARC EG-1 is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also reduces the damage to air quality that such an environment can cause. 

Chesterton ARG EG-1 is available in both patch and bulk kits

The patch kit covers 0.75m² and the bulk covers 2.25m² and are just two of the protective products Chesterton is renowned for bringing to market. Cost-effective methods of increasing safety and longevity are what Chesterton customers have come to rely on, and this fast setting grout re-surfacer is an outstanding example of this.

This partner content was brought to you by Chesterton Customseal. For more information, or to discover more about ARG EG-1 and other products, click here.

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