By Christian Dorau, Head of Technology Services at Certis Security Australia

The logistics industry contributes 8.6 per cent to Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP) and provides $131.6 billion to Australia’s economy. With such significant importance to Australia, it’s important for carriers, freight and passengers to be adequately protected to ensure end-to-end operations are effectively maintained. Certis Security Australia is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that safeguard the supply chain and protect suppliers’ interests.

2020 was a year of ongoing disruption and with heightened risks from COVID-19, the importance of efficient and seamless supply chains has never been more significant for logistics and transportation organisations. Over the past 12 months, Certis Security Australia has provided temperature testing and COVID marshalling functions to various transport and logistics organisations to protect the supply chain and allow these organisations to focus on core business.

As a result, this past year has demonstrated there is a greater need to integrate innovative methods of security and protection, which requires the use of technology. The implementation of security innovations such as AI and IoT, can help to address vulnerabilities and minimise associated risks, to ensure optimal supply chain safety and the smooth flow of goods.

The changing face of security

Technology not only enhances the capabilities of a physical security team, it helps to identify threats that humans can’t and is therefore a critical part of modern security implementation. No longer does security refer to patrolling guards tasked with protection management of a nominated site. The tech-enabled security solutions of today can lead to productivity gains, cost savings and optimisations to supply chain processes.

Surveillance technology is perhaps the most well-known technology integration, with CCTV allowing guards to get a complete view of an entire site. This enhances their ability to act swiftly should an incident arise, as action can be taken immediately from the control centre. In today’s modern security advancements, a smart CCTV security camera can be integrated with an IoT platform to perform these more traditional security functions, as well as track and measure the performance of the logistics workflow.

Data enabled decision-making

Intelligent analytics is an important part of modern security, allowing security professionals to analyse the data and recognise certain patterns such as time or location that incidents take place. Through the use of intelligent analytics, not only is it possible for Certis Security Australia to identify the problem but also determine why it has occurred, such as lower visibility in a particular warehouse.

Thanks to recent advancements in video analytics, automated notifications can be sent out to security teams to alert them of a potential threat or obstruction. Being armed with this data means that security teams can be better prepared to strategically place guards in certain areas at critical times to ensure assets are best protected and to help minimise any disruption. For example, when high-value freight is involved and only a designated number of people are allowed in a warehouse, Certis Security Australia professionals can manage access to ensure it is granted to approved personnel only.

Technology for screening accuracy

The seamless flow of goods from production right through to consumption is crucial to Australia’s economic growth. With freight screening as a core function of this, it is critical to ensure all shipments are accurately accounted for. This means qualified professionals who understand regulations and compliance, as well as the appropriate technology that can help to remove outdated manual processes. Freight screening technology not only ensures accuracy but does so in a way that maximises productivity, allowing operations to continue flowing seamlessly. 

With this kind of technology, Certis Security Australia screening officers no longer physically have to search what goods are being carried and can effectively protect assets without slowing down operations.

Business Operations Support System (BOSS)

Certis Security Australia has developed its own secure cloud-based platform that provides security managers with real-time visibility across everything happening on customer sites. It is key in delivering a consistently high level of service to customers as it enables security managers to remotely monitor sites and personnel via the National Operations Centre (NOC), while security patrols provide an on-ground presence, investigating any potential issues to protect the supply chain. This not only helps to protect customers but ensures the safety of employees.

National Operations Centre

The NOC is a critical component of the services Certis Security Australia delivers to customers – it’s the core of its business, with all security and facilities management offerings being driven through the NOC. The NOC delivers 24/7 support to customers and deployed guards, centralising Certis Security’s operations and allowing the team to monitor and maintain a holistic view of over 500 client sites.

The future of logistics security

Recent advancements in new-age IoT platforms and the use of AI to glean business insights for process improvements, means enhanced efficiencies and reduced costs for the transportation and logistics industry. The role of security has shifted, with technology the driving force behind the optimisation of workflows. Security professionals’ capabilities now go beyond the protection of assets to play a more pivotal role in day-to-day supply chain operations. Now more than ever, a more holistic view is needed of how physical security comes together with technology to be more cost effective and ensure agile supply chain operations.

For more information on Certis Security Australia’s work with the transport and logistics sector or how they can work with you, get in touch here.

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