Reliable, business-grade internet is critical to the ongoing operations of infrastructure projects. The necessity of connectivity for continued operation is just as pressing for permanent, fixed sites as it is for temporary, field sites.

The increasing adoption of remote monitoring systems and near real-time analysis of data flows to-and-from facilities has necessitated a constant, reliable internet service on every site. Activ8me Business Services’ satellite solutions can ensure sites can be connected online no matter how limited the local connectivity options may be.

With consistent data flows being a standard requirement both for operational functionality and safety and compliance, isolated locations can present significant challenges for infrastructure projects, with ongoing work dependent on continuous internet service in regions with very limited or no existing communications infrastructure.

With unlimited satellite internet for fixed and portable infrastructure sites, Activ8me’s custom-built hardware facilitates business-grade communications anywhere, with auto-aligning satellite dishes able to have a service operational in under ten minutes.

Fixed satellite solutions

With custom contention rates and enhanced business SLAs, Activ8me’s solutions enable continuous, uninterrupted service, which is a common requirement both for operational functionality as well as safety and compliance.

Services can be customised based on requirement, however a typical service includes a 30Mbps download/5Mbps upload speed tier on a 20:1 contention.

Services are augmented to meet the unique requirements of clients, taking into account expected usage of the connection, the volume of users, types of applications and much more to ascertain bandwidth requirements.

IoT connections, for instance, are configured to handle the large amounts of small data packets, routinely transferred to-and-from IoT networks every few seconds. For IoT, a connection of 5Mbps down/5Mbps up with 35:1 contention provides optimal connectivity.

Up to 20 users, or hundreds of small IoT devices, can share a ‘pipe,’ with customised contention and speed tiers coordinated to best suit the operational aim of the network.

DRP solution

The solution can be used as a redundancy network to backup existing fibre-optic or microwave networks, ensuring that operations can stay up and running in the event of a primary network failure.

Portable internet

These same satellite data services are available in portable solutions, allowing for easy transport and relocation. The satellite dish can be mounted on a vehicle or trailer, be set up using a non-penetrable ground mount, or even built into a case.

This Mobile-On-The-Pause solution is perfect for projects with changing locations or remote project teams. WiFi networks are built into Activ8me’s portable satellite hardware, with optional WiFi antenna for extended range of up to 100m.

Bespoke solutions

With an in-house R&D team, Activ8me often designs customised hardware to meet the unique demands of clients and additional functionality can be built into existing hardware when required.

Point-to-Point and extended WiFi can offer connections over extended distances, while WiFi-Mesh networks and LoraWAN technology can also be incorporated into network architecture.

Utilising these various technologies, Activ8me can formulate an end-to-end networking solution to suit practically any infrastructure project.

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