As part of V2X (C-ITS) projects, or when preparing roads for autonomous vehicles, it is necessary to gather data on all road users (cyclists, pedestrians, etc.) in the transport infrastructure.

SICK Sensor Intelligence offers a uniquely broad portfolio of 2D and 3D LiDAR sensors for this purpose that are suitable for harsh outdoor applications.

The outdoorScan3 safety laser sensor is the world’s first 2D LiDAR safety sensor to be approved for outdoor environments and is certified in accordance with ISO 13849-1 and standard IEC 62998.

The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner is designed to allow man and machine to work safely side by side, and thanks to its patented safeHDDM® technology and intelligent algorithms, disruptive weather influences such as rain, snow, sunlight and fog are filtered out with ease.

As a result, it offers limitless potential for increasing business productivity and efficiency, both indoors and outdoors.

Increasing safety on construction sites

From basic safety mat replacement and presence detection, through to protecting multiple hazardous areas at the same time, the outdoorScan3 is the ideal choice. Suitable horizontal protective fields can be set up and monitored to protect against the dangers posed by hazardous machines, plants or open spaces.

Radar technology-based sensors from SICK can also be used for similar applications. The MRS1000 multi-layer 3D LiDAR sensor detects and measures objects in multiple dimensions.

By collecting large volumes of data on multiple scan layers and from different angles, it can detect and respond to objects on the floor as well as objects that are obstructing the path.

On construction sites, excavators often collide with objects while maneuvering or reversing due to reduced visibility around the rear of the vehicle. The driver assistance system’s sensors must be able to classify objects and their relevance to the collision warning system.

The MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor features an IP67 enclosure and detects up to 55,000 measuring points across four layers, enabling it to recognise objects standing on the floor or located in the vehicle’s travel path in plenty of time. Cutting-edge HDDM+ technology with multi-echo evaluation guarantees precise measurements, regardless of the weather conditions.

Airport automation

High personnel and operational costs necessitate a higher degree of automation in airports, for example, through the automated docking and undocking of passenger boarding bridges.

With the outdoorScan3, fast and smooth connection and disconnection can be achieved under extreme weather conditions on the runway. The safety laser scanner also ensures the safety of people in the vicinity whenever the boarding bridge drive unit is moving.

Data acquisition for transport applications

Modern traffic management on road, rail and sea routes is geared towards safety, efficiency and a good environmental balance. Rugged sensor solutions provide reliable control and monitoring systems for transportation applications. With solutions from SICK, you rely on many years of experience indoors and outdoors.

Laser measurement systems classify vehicles as part of the road toll system, automation light grids reliably detect people at train door systems, and dust measuring devices and gas analysers measure pollutant concentrations in tunnel areas.

The wide range of rugged and innovative products combined with a worldwide service and sales structure has made SICK a market and technology leader in many fields of data acquisition in traffic engineering.

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