Transoft Solutions provides innovative software solutions for airport and airspace professionals. Applications include enhancing check-in, aircraft parking and terminal airspace processes, designing ground markings and analysing runway capacity, as well as complex air traffic evaluations and obstacle limitation reports.

Transoft Solutions offers software designed for applications ranging from improving departure check-in processes, optimising aircraft parking stands or operations, and designing new ground markings, as well as analysing runway capacity, preparing obstacle limitation reports, refining terminal and airside procedures, modelling en route traffic or evaluating air traffic complexity in real time.

Passenger terminal simulation

The comprehensive and powerful ArcPORT terminal simulation tool offers advanced features for modelling, simulating and evaluating operations, efficiencies and capacity of entire terminals or isolated processes.

Airside planning, design and operations

Analysing aircraft and support vehicle movements, planning aircraft stands and undertaking safety clearance studies are all important tasks faced by airport planners. AviPLAN is empowering aviation planners worldwide to perform these tasks and more, with its unique feature-set and extensive 2D and 3D object library with 550-plus aircraft.

AeroSTRIPE is an intelligent airside marking design tool that assists planners with the marking design for runways, taxiways and aprons. It does so with its intelligent computer-aided design (CAD) based functionality and easy-to-edit, pre-drawn markings and symbols that are available in the software’s extensive library.

Obstacle limitation compliance

SkySAFE is ensuring safe operations at airports by assisting with protecting departure and approach paths. It enables planners to analyse the impact of obstacles, imported or created using the software.

Airport and airspace modelling

AirTOP is an advanced modelling platform that allows airspace, airside and passenger terminal facilities to be assessed and improved. The modular software features scenario editing, simulation and reporting for airspace and airport environments with a single sophisticated interface, interactive 2D maps and 3D views.

Live forecasting and what-if analysis

AirTOP WIZer provides operational decision support by producing detailed, up-to-the-minute forecasts of air traffic demand, traffic complexity, and controller workload with the option to evaluate ‘what-if’ scenarios to optimise operations in the coming hours.

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