After a 21-day shutdown, upgrade works have been completed on Gladstone Ports Corporation’s (GPC) RG Tanna Coal Terminal Shiploader 3 one of the largest projects undertaken at the Port since 2016. 

The project involved major maintenance activities and improved safety for operators, who previously operated from a control cabin on the boom section of the shiploader.

The shutdown works included: installation and commissioning of vision and anti-collision control systems, a retractable tele-chute access, commissioning a new operating cabin located within the main portal of the ship loader, dust suppression system upgrades and extensive ship loader protective coating works. 

The new cabin eliminates the need for operators to access and egress a cabin suspended from the boom section via ladders and complex manoeuvres, providing them a more accessible and safer operating location on the fixed part of the ship loader. 

Loading operations are now guided by sophisticated camera technology with the use of four thermal, five dual optical and 15 fixed optical cameras. 

Gladstone Ports Chief Operating Officer, Craig Walker, said the Port continued to operate through its other assets while the shutdown was underway.  

“Our customers are continually working alongside us to ensure our trade supply chains are optimal,” Mr Walker said.  

“These upgrades are really important to keep our Port operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we can continue to support the Queensland economy and regional jobs. 

“GPC is one of the largest Ports in Queensland and in the 2020/21 financial year, 1909 ships visited our three ports with more than 123 million tonnes of total throughput recorded.” 

Mr Walker said that GPC exports over 30 per cent of Queensland’s coal exports and 100 per cent of their LNG export, representing almost 80 per cent of the Port’s total trade. 

“The meticulous planning of this shutdown minimised the impact on our operations and our customers, but most importantly was done safely and is a credit to the team at GPC,” Mr Walker said.


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