Changing the way infrastructure companies buy spatial data.

Expanding and diversifying the use of spatial information is challenging traditional models of buying, selling, accessing and using that data. As a result, spatial data specialists Aerometrex have launched a new store, MetroMap 3D, to meet the needs of modern spatial users.

The company’s success in MetroMap 3D’s initial few months has vindicated the store’s development, and Aerometrex will be expanding its domestic and international capabilities in the coming months.

3D data on demand

The MetroMap 3D store is a fully interactive experience with Aerometrex’s Australian 3D city models displayed in a browserbased Cesium platform. Users zoom from high altitude down to city level, navigate to their point of interest, and then use a clipping tool to select the piece of data they want to buy.

OBJ, FBX, SLPK, and Cesium Tiles are all available through MetroMap 3D at the point of purchase. The checkout system is in line with online retail, and the 3D files are delivered via email to the purchaser.

The process takes spatial data and sells it like any digital product or software purchased online. The MetroMap 3D store’s design recognises that the modern spatial data buyer can range from an individual to a large corporate client, and the same sales process will not suit them all.

MetroMap previously offered on-demand models and subscription-based data access for its 3D products. Now users can buy custom areas at any time with models starting at $10.

It’s now a zero-touch, contract-free process where the buyer has complete control of how and when they make purchases. Spatial teams now invest in data pieces as needed, rather than buying the entire 3D dataset or negotiating for manual extraction of specific areas.

In addition, they can now see what 3D data is available and the product cost within the MetroMap 3D platform as the price displays once area and formats are selected.

Available data

The MetroMap 3D store already has nearly 5,000km² of data ready for users to choose from across Australian capital cities and major urban areas, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast.

The model resolutions range from 2cm for high resolution to 7.5cm for standard resolution. MetroMap’s 3D capture program adds new models regularly throughout the year.

The first quarter of 2021 saw new models of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Sunshine Coast added, and more models will be coming in the second half of 2021.

Who is buying?

So far, architecture, engineering, and construction specialists (AEC) dominate the MetroMap 3D store sales. Professionals from those sectors are buying models on-demand to ingest into their 3D platform of choice. In addition, public sector bodies are frequent buyers because the MetroMap 3D store is simple, cheap, and saves time.

Additionally, MetroMap 3D data has been sold to an exciting variety of end-users. Tech, unmanned vehicle companies, and advanced visualisation companies purchase regularly. Expanding spatial data user bases means the MetroMap 3D model’s appeal will grow in future.

Visit Aerometrex’s MetroMap 3D store at to learn more

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