Having reliable lighting is critical on industrial job sites to protect workers and ensure projects can move forward regardless of conditions. Portable, batterypowered lights are best practice to eliminate the danger of electrical connections in wet or flammable environments, and to allow for easy moveability around a job site.

Milwaukee Tool is cutting the cord on industrial job site lighting with its new MX FUEL™ Tower Light/ Charger (MXFTL-0). This portable, high-output battery-powered light is designed to withstand the harshest job site conditions.

As part of the revolutionary MX FUEL Equipment System that goes beyond the limitations of petrol and corded units, with no emissions, no pull start and no engine maintenance, the MX FUEL Tower Light/Charger was engineered to solve safety, power and performance challenges for the world’s most demanding trades.

Chris Parker, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool Australia and New Zealand, said, “For years high output task lighting options have always been tethered to a cord.

Users have to spend time setting up generators in remote applications and are dealing with lighting that is difficult to move around the job site.”

The MX FUEL Tower Light/Charger has four multi-directional LED light heads that can cast up to 20,000 lumens of task and area lighting when equipped with an MX FUEL REDLITHIUM™ XC406 battery (MXFXC406). It also gives users the option to plug in to AC power, if available, to output up to 27,000 lumens.

“We’ve integrated the MX FUEL Charger (MXFC) into the light that acts as a battery backup solution for an MX FUEL battery charger and a great added functionality on site,” Mr Parker said.

Adaptable to any condition

By offering high output with DC power, the MX FUEL Tower Light/Charger eliminates the danger and frustrations of needing to make electrical connections in wet construction or flammable environments.

Battery power means fewer trip hazards on site, and reduced worries about damaging cords. “Not only are we bringing cordless technology into a space where it’s relatively unavailable, but we are solving the problems of portability and stability in these environments as well,” Mr Parker added.

The Tower Light/Charger features four outriggers that can be effortlessly deployed for levelling on uneven terrains and 8” rubber wheels make it easy to move across uneven ground.

This telescopic lighting tower can be set up in seconds and extends to a maximum height of three metres with a motorised mast. It can then collapse back down for transportation and storage, with easy carry points for a twoman lift — a better option than large tow-behind lights that are difficult to store and position around a site.

The MX FUEL Tower Light/Charger will assist users across a variety of jobs, from night works on suburban rail lines roads to major infrastructure maintenance in occupied areas. While deployed, the light can withstand up to 56kph winds.

It’s as effective outdoors and above ground as it is indoors or underground, adaptable to suit the toughest conditions, and can be used in construction, plumbing and electrical or industrial work.

Committed to its focus on the user and investment in game-changing technology, the MX FUEL Tower Light/Charger is the latest lighting solution from Milwaukee Tool that can adapt, perform and survive the demands of professional use.

The company is dedicated to delivering trade solutions that help users run efficient, safe operations.

To find out more or to request a demonstration with an MX FUEL™ Specialist, visit https://www.milwaukeetool.com.au/system/mxfuel/#mxfuel-signup or call 1300 645 928

This Sponsored Editorial, is brought to you by Milwaukee. For more information, visit www.milwaukeetool.com

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