Infrastructure projects in remote Australia present unique challenges to managing site risks and creating safe worksites. Australian Private Networks (APN) connects remote worksites and employees with the outside world through fixed and portable business satellite internet and WiFi.

APN’s internet and phone services ensure critical business communications can be maintained, site safety and performance can be monitored, and workers can stay connected with their families.

Constant internet and phone services are critical to the safe operation of projects, meaning remote sites without mobile phone coverage and fixed-line internet are inherently more risky than metropolitan projects.

For instance, lacking the ability to communicate with emergency services in times of emergency provides a significant risk.

With nearly two decades of experience providing remote WiFi, internet and phone solutions to Government and Enterprise, APN has identified some of the key reasons how a satellite internet service minimises organisational and staff risks.

Business continuity assurance

Satellite offers a perfect backup to primary microwave or fibre internet connections. Network downtime can be relatively common due to the isolated nature of the sites and are extremely costly – potentially resulting in service or
production downtime.

The risk of disruptions from primary network downtime can be minimised using a DRP satellite solution. With DRP specific service options minimising standby costs when not in use, satellite internet is a cost-effective way of guaranteeing connection to external networks.

Worksite safety compliance

Providing an effective means of communication for remote or isolated workers means ensuring they can access assistance from emergency services, a key requirement for a safe workplace.

For permanent or semi-permanent remote sites, communications can present a costly challenge. APN’s services provide remote crews with the ongoing communication required to keep them healthy and safe.

Attract and retain talent

In today’s world, workers’ access to online content and to contact family and friends is a crucial requirement in attracting and retaining employees.

APN’s portable solutions are easily transportable for road crews or continuously moving sites. Mobile teams in the most remote locations can have a continuous internet and phone service.

Improve productivity and work quality

Productivity is a large concern for employers, and effective off-site management of remote work sites presents many challenges.

APN’s user-friendly fixed or mobile satellite communication solutions present a costeffective off-site management solution to even the remotest of locations. Studies show satisfied employees are not only more productive but also have a higher quality of work.

Solutions available

Satellite communications solutions are available for permanent, semipermanent or mobile sites with varying data packages depending on requirements. Hardware can be mounted to a permanent structure, vehicle or trailer and is also available as a standalone unit.

This Sponsored Editorial, is brought to you by Australian Private Networks. For more information on how APN’s satellite internet solutions can reduce your business risk, visit or call us on (03) 8566 8312.

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