The University of Adelaide has launched a unique online “micro-credential” course titled Safe Systems for Road Managers and Engineers – developed and run by one of the nation’s top research bodies in the field.

Designed to help road infrastructure professionals effectively apply the Safe System in their day-to-day roles, the course packs a large amount of practical, evidence-based information and hands-on learning into a self-paced seven hour timeframe.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How Safe System principles can help mitigate the harm caused by road crashes
  • The mechanisms of harm associated with key types of severe-injury-causing road crashes
  • Road safety infrastructure’s alignment with best-practice road safety thinking
  • An introduction to Safe System road design and operations tools

Conceived and delivered by the Centre for Automotive Safety Research

The course curriculum has been created by the University of Adelaide’s nationally recognised Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR). 

At the forefront of this field for over 30 years, CASR plays a significant role in improving safety on Australia’s roads. 

The Centre’s focus is on deepening understanding of the many complex factors contributing to serious road crashes, and its insights have influenced the development of road safety initiatives and policy making at all levels of government.

Important new CASR-led Road Safety Innovation Fund projects now underway

Reflecting their standing, CASR was granted funding earlier this year, for a trio of major new research projects for South Australian roads – through Round 2 of the Australian Government’s Road Safety Innovation Fund scheme.

A novel low-cost Safe System-aligned treatment for regional and remote intersections

Working in conjunction with SAGE Automation and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, CASR will seek to create a cost-effective technology-driven solution to reduce the harm caused by what are often severe, high-speed collisions at these junctions.

Mass collection of naturalistic cyclist-vehicle passing distance data

Collaborating with Insight Via Artificial Intelligence and Bicycle Network, CASR will produce a comprehensive data set of cyclist-vehicle passing distances and locations to help assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of safe-passing-distance legislation. They will also look to create data processing and visualisation tools for evidence-based road safety intervention.

In-depth, no-blame investigations of crashes involving trucks

Bringing a much-needed focus onto one of our community’s biggest road safety challenges, this project will produce the first substantial dataset relating to truck crashes in Australia. 

CASR will seek to identify the key factors contributing to the crashes, and appropriate interventions to mitigate their impact.

To learn more or enrol

To learn more about the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research, visit:

Or, to book your place in the next Safe Systems for Road Managers and Engineers micro-credential course run by the centre, visit:

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