The Port Authority of NSW is combining its three port management systems, which are used across the state, to one single port management system.

The port management system is part of a broader project to create a data sharing platform, called OnePort. 

OnePort will be designed, delivered, and managed by Port Authority, and will be hosted on the cloud.

Work will soon commence to create standards as well as platforms for data sharing, and the base product will be web-based, with an app planned for the advanced product. 

During 2021 and 2022, Port Authority will build a new port management system to replace three legacy systems in place: 

  • cPorts in Port Kembla    
  • cPorts in Newcastle 
  • ShIPS in Port Botany, Sydney Harbour, Eden and Yamba 

OnePort is being built by a cross-functional group of dedicated subject matter experts at Port Authority – including Harbour Masters, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) operators and other marine operations staff, and is not an off-the-shelf project. 

The new port management system will deliver: 

  • Greater transparency of port operations enabling enhanced efficiency and ability to plan 
  • Reduced data duplication 
  • Simplified interactions with Port Authority 
  • Will cater for future data needs in port planning and process optimisation enabling process improvements across the port chain

Port Authority is working with system users to understand user needs and requirements. 

This consultation is ongoing and will continue over the life of the project, and training will be provided to all impacted users ahead of the rollout. 

System benefits include: 

  • A dedicated platform to manage port services 
  • Greater transparency of port operations, enabling enhanced planning capability and port management efficiencies 
  • Single data entry point, eliminating the need for data duplication across multiple platforms 
  • Users who currently access Port Authority’s three existing systems will only need to access one and be trained in one system 
  • Simplified interactions with Port Authority 
  • Catering for future data needs in port planning and process optimisation 
  • Uniformity of data standards across all ports in NSW 
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