Widely used in infrastructure settings that require uninterrupted and high levels of power, generators are a critical part of getting the job done.

From the initial investment, it’s important to regularly maintain your generator. A structured maintenance approach ensures that your generator’s performance is maximised whilst extending its life span.

In addition to specialist generator technicians conducting services, there are routine checks that you can do to keep your power running. Each day (or weekly for standby) do a walk around inspection which includes:

  • Ensure fastenings, fixings and connections are secure
  • Check the condition and tension of fan and charging alternator belts
  • Ensure fan and exhaust guards are in place and secure
  • All filter caps are in place
  • Check for leaks – coolant, oil and fuel
  • All pipes are secure and in good condition
  • Fuel, oil and coolant levels are correct
  • All hoses are in good condition and connections secure
  • Battery terminals are tight and electrolyte level is correct
  • Control panel does not indicate any errors

Idle standby generators require an additional operational check every two weeks by running the generator for five minutes, and every month another run for one to two hours on 50 percent load, in addition to draining the water and sediment from the fuel tank and tank bund area.

AllightSykes is the exclusive distributor of FG Wilson diesel generators in Australia with its range spanning 11kVA-1ph through to 1650kVA-3ph.

For your generator to continuously perform at an optimum level, a regular service schedule is recommended. AllightSykes 24/7 specialist generator technicians can perform three monthly, six monthly and 12 monthly scheduled services, including the option of an Extended Service Contract covering replacement costs and labour.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by AllightSykes. For more information, visit allightsykes.com.

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