Perth Airport has announced the award of its aviation security services contract to secure the safety of visitors and staff at the airport.

The contract was awarded to ISS Security, which has been a partner with the airport for years. 

Perth Airport’s Chief Operating Officer, Scott Woodward, said that the safety and security of visitors, staff and infrastructure at Perth Airport is the company’s top priority and that ISS has an outstanding track record in delivering services in the aviation sector.

“ISS has been a partner with Perth Airport for several decades and the new contract arrangements will consolidate security services across the estate,” Mr Woodward said.

“This will ensure Perth Airport continues to meet the highest security standards while delivering the best quality service for passengers and operational efficiencies for our airline partners.

“The number of front-line employees across the estate is expected to remain unchanged and Perth Airport will continue to deliver robust security measures and service.

“We congratulate ISS on their commitment to increase their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce by introducing employment parity initiatives across its placements at Perth Airport.”

ISS Pacific Executive General Executive Manager Transport and Infrastructure, Jonathan Reeves, said, “We are delighted Perth Airport shares our vision to provide employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

“Through our Indigenous employment and mentor program, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruits will play a key role in facilitating effective security processes. 

“As ISS Customer Service Ambassadors, they will enhance the customer safety and service experience at Perth Airport terminals.”

Further training opportunities will be supported for ISS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruits employed on the Perth Airport contract, for those looking to progress into other Aviation operational roles.

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