Technology systems integration company, tm stagetec systems, is showcasing the latest inclusive design developments for Public Information Display. It starts with the Smart pi ECOsystem, a fully integrated Smart Public Information environment across public spaces and transportation hubs of all sizes.

The focus of inclusive design is on dissemination of public information easily and clearly to people that may be hearing or visually impaired.

Inclusive design in terms of the ECOsystem is to deliver the same content in multiple ways, allowing people to self-select the way that is simplest and most effective for them to receive it.

The ECOsystem includes the Smart pi EYE (DigitalInformation/Signage System), offering:

♦ Real time text and the ability to convert any live audio into text with Google AI

♦ Customisable templates to show real time information and overlay real time text announcements for a preconfigured amount of time

♦ Integrated with Smart pi DVA with linked metadata

♦ Show Hearing Loop logo on screens whilst announcements are playing

♦ Designed to select different accents, languages and pronunciations

The Smart pi DVA, DSP and MIC into the ECOsystem will also allow for:

♦ Smart pi NAM field hearing loop amplifier with delay and looped announcements

♦ The addition of metadata to display content of pre-recorded messages

♦ Multilingual support (announced in multiple languages)

♦ Speech to text (multiple languages and voices available from all leading providers)

The benefits of the inclusive design within the Smart pi ECOsystem are to help all people, especially those with impairments, to live and move throughout society as they choose.

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