The Independent Review of the Ports and Maritime Administration Act 1995 (PAMA Act) and Port Botany Landside Improvement Strategy (PBLIS) is underway, with independent reviewer Ed Willet releasing a Discussion Paper highlighting the purpose of the review.

The review will ensure the regulatory approach remains fit for purpose and considers the expected future ports and maritime environment. 

The paper provides an overview of the PAMA Act and its application, as well as PBLIS including details of relevant performance measures, and poses a number of questions for consideration.

The New South Wales Government announced the comprehensive review of the PAMA Act and PBLIS, to be led by Mr Ed Willett as the Independent Reviewer, in November 2021. 

Covering a key part of the state’s framework for ports and maritime management, the review will tackle inefficiencies and support New South Wales industry and jobs growth.

Mr Willett said the paper was an important step in setting the scene and laying the foundations for a successful review.

“New South Wales’ three trading ports contribute more than $6 billion to the state’s economy each year. It is important we examine the regulatory framework that underpins port operations, to ensure they are running efficiently,” Mr Willett said.

“Working with all interested stakeholders to identify how we can improve efficiencies will be essential to the success of the Review. The release of a Discussion Paper is the first step in this. I look forward to receiving feedback on the Paper.”

Recognising the matter of stevedore charges is a national economic issue, this has been referred for consideration by the Federal Government. 

As such, considerations of the regulation of stevedore charges will be out of scope for this review.

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