The City of Melbourne has introduced the new Code of Practice for Building, Construction and Works, a regulatory framework that aims to streamline the construction process for public works.

​The framework updates and amalgamates the Code of Good Practice at Construction Sites and the Construction Management Plan (CMP) Guidelines

Deputy Lord Mayor, Nicholas Reece, said it is essential for industry to have a clear guide when planning for, and carrying out, significant projects across the municipality. 

“The new code and the new digital permit system will revolutionise the building application process in Melbourne, and will mean people in the construction sector can spend less time on paperwork and more time on site getting the job done,” Deputy Lord Mayor Reece said. 

“The new Code is designed to act as a bible for builders and developers working in Melbourne. It is the document that regulates the conduct of all works that affect public spaces and amenities.

“Since the last Codes were issued, our city and the expectations of our community have changed. We want to ensure we have a regulatory framework in place that reflects the current environment, while also making it easier for industry to deliver projects in our city. 

“The Code provides simple, detailed advice to the construction industry, enabling a more streamlined process for works planning, applications, approvals and compliance.”

Improvements to the Code include: 

  • Better management and oversight of assets, including roadway and footpath surfaces, public trees and street furniture; before, during and after construction, ensuring they are returned in the same or improved conditions 
  • Clearer direction on requirements for CMP matters such as consultation and notification, noise, dust and waste management 
  • A standardised approach to regulation of all temporary protective structures, like hoarding and temporary fences in public spaces, making them safer and less intrusive on footpaths, and more uniform in appearance

The new Code is supported by a digital revolution with the enablement of digital services where possible. 

The introduction of a guided digital permit application system by the end of the 2022 financial year will reduce time-consuming and detailed assessments for low-risk activities.

“We’ve been working closely with industry and have undertaken an extensive engagement process to understand the changes we could implement to make it even simpler to operate in Melbourne,” Deputy Lord Mayor Reece said. 

The new Code of Practice for Building, Construction and Works is expected to come into effect in late March 2022, and will be available on the City of Melbourne’s website.

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