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The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has released its 2023 Strategic Plan, prioritising on improving sustainability in the construction industry.

ACA President Duncan Gibb said the association remains focused on strengthening the three pillars supporting the industry.

“Improved industry culture, capability and capacity, and commercial frameworks are the keys to a more sustainable construction industry, but they also need to be viewed with an environmental lens,” said Mr Gibb.

“This year stakeholders will see greater involvement from ACA in initiatives also aimed at improving the environmental sustainability of the industry.”

ACA CEO Jon Davies said the past year has taught us that our priorities are the right ones, but our approach needs to become more agile.

“The construction industry is facing significant headwinds, like material price escalation and labour shortages, and government and industry need to work together to find solutions that will benefit everyone,” said Mr Davies.

“ACA will be undertaking a series of strategic sprints to achieve measurable outcomes that will help the industry weather the current storm.

“We will also continue progressing longer-term collaborations with government and other industry stakeholders through initiatives such as the Construction Industry Leadership Forum and Construction Industry Culture Taskforce.”

Mr Gibb said the ACA’s ambition is for the industry to be radically different in 10 years’ time.

“We need to fundamentally change the system so contractors compete on innovation, productivity, quality and sustainability – not just price,” said Mr Gibb.

“If all the reforms and actions come to pass, the industry will be seen as global best practice. It will be an industry of choice for future generations of workers and a model for other industries to follow.”

To find out more, read the ACA 2023 Strategic Plan here.

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