The new National Rail Safety Data Strategy has been officially launched by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) and the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) to support collaborative safety decisions. 

From 1 July, all accredited operators will report under the terms of the National Rail Safety Data Strategy (NDS) a purpose-built system designed to deliver a relevant, consistent and quality national data set readily available to all stakeholders.

ONRSR Chief Executive and Australia’s National Rail Safety Regulator, Sue McCarrey, said the new arrangements would deliver a multitude of benefits.

“The NDS is yet another terrific example of what is now possible with a national outlook, and I am really excited by the opportunities this resource will provide us all to continue making Australia’s railways as safe as they possibly can be,” Ms McCarrey said. 

“The NDS will deliver better focussed national data and comparability. It will also significantly reduce the number of occurrence types operators are required to report by focussing more on collection of the data that directly impacts rail safety.”

Development of the NDS was only made possible by extensive engagement with a range of rail safety stakeholders over several years which included the creation of a Rail Operator Steering Committee co-chaired by ONRSR and the ARA.

ARA Chief Executive, Caroline Wilkie, said achieving this milestone has been possible due to a truly collaborative approach between the regulator and industry.

“The ARA supports a national focus on rail safety and for the first time, the Australian rail industry will now have a truly national and consistent rail safety data set that will better inform safety decisions,” Ms Wilkie said.

The team responsible for developing the NDS has been working closely with the rail industry in the lead up to the 1 July’s  ‘Go Live’, to test the system and support operators in meeting the new reporting requirements.

That support will continue over the coming months with enhancements and updates to the system to be released on a regular basis.

More information on the National Rail Safety Data Strategy is available here.


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