Meeting environmental responsibilities is a crucial element of responsible trading – and operations with the maritime industry, in particular, must make this a priority. When it comes to lubrication, it’s historically been a challenge to find greases and lubes that meet the sustainability criteria and are truly fit for purpose.

Wire ropes, bearings, pneumatics, needle bearings… No port maintenance team needs to be told that the most common cause of premature mechanical failure is insufficient or indeed excessive lubrication and/or contaminant build-up and corrosion.

Thankfully, technology now provides targeted options that address environmental and operational requirements.

Environmentally friendly lubrication for cranes and port facilities

Chesterton has long championed sustainability in equal parallel with effective products. An example of this dedication is the Chesterton Bearing Reliability Programme, where products have been developed specifically to address the most common culprits of a reduced MTBF – high load, high temperature, human error and humidity.

In the maritime industry, extreme conditions are the norm, making the need for lubricating products that are fit for purpose even more crucial.

Conditions that prevail both in port and at sea include:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Saltwater
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Heavy loads
  • High mechanical loads.

These, in combination with the ocean proximity and associated risk of contamination, make the right choice of greases and lube an essential maintenance task. 

All of the above pressures accelerate corrosion and, if not effectively addressed, can have a seriously detrimental effect on safety. 

Chesterton has developed a wide range of lubrication products that are strategically engineered to withstand these harsh environments and are non-toxic, biodegradable and sustainable.

Lubrication for wire ropes: cranes and hoists

The company has produced a range of lubricating solutions designed to reduce corrosion and dry-out, extend working life and protect assets from rust, both in port and during extended at-sea periods on ocean vessels. 

Examples include the Chesterton 715 Spraflex® and Spraflex® Gold, which lubricate and protect both the inside and outside of wire ropes – cleaning, lubricating and repelling water across the entirety of the rope. Examples of success stories include:

  • Extending the MTBF of wire ropes from three to five years, with a saving of nearly $250K (US dollars) per year, using Chesterton 715 Spraflex Gold
  • Preventing the typical 12-month dry-out and corrosion of crane cables. After using Chesterton 601 Chain Drive, Pin and Bushing Lubricant and 715 Spraflex® Gold Lubrication, the 12-month examination showed little sign of corrosion, build-up or wear.
  • Protecting new wire ropes and clamps from rust during an extended sea voyage delivery, using 715 Spraflex® Gold

Lubricating and protecting against corrosion on marine terminal loading/unloading wire ropes that were subject to salt air and abrasive sand with the Chesterton 1-2 system of Chesterton 601 and Chesterton 715 Spraflex® Gold. After a four-month trial, the ropes showed no sign of significant corrosion/build-up.

 Another highly effective machine lubricating solution is the Chesterton 650 AML. This has been engineered using an environmentally safe blend of natural and synthetic technology, and it has deep penetrative properties that protect against friction and wear. As well as helping to increase energy efficiency, it also cleans and removes build-up. This is the ideal solution for both manual and automatic lubricating systems of sliding mechanisms, needle bearings, cables, chains and pneumatics.

Discover more about these examples and other non-toxic, biodegradable maritime use greases and lubricants at

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