Risks in the construction and infrastructure sector are ever present. However, you can improve risk mitigation by accelerating your company’s digital transformation.

Changing worker behaviour is one of the leading ways to reduce risk and improve safety but unfortunately traditional safety reporting metrics are reactive. They look at the end results; the number of near-misses and injuries, rather than the ways to reduce potential risks.

Through digital applications designed to improve compliance and safety, construction companies can change risk potentials, improve productivity, use data to gain insights and recognise positive behaviour.

KMPG’s 2021 Going digital, faster report found that in 2020, 67 per cent of surveyed organisations said they had accelerated their digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, which put their operations years ahead of where they expected.

With the increase in digitalisation due to COVID-19, the construction industry is falling further behind. Deloitte’s 2020 CIO Insider report shows that the construction industry’s IT budget averages just 1.68 per cent of its yearly revenue – the lowest of eleven sectors reviewed. By focusing on proactive measures and digitising operations, construction companies can take the time and guesswork out of safety and governance.

Visibility and automated safety processes

Given each construction company’s unique people, processes and data management, the right technology needs to be flexible, simple, reliable and designed to work across departments.

Major construction companies, including Acciona and John Holland, use the digital applications of 3D Safety, a platform that provides real-time visibility and automated safety processes that improve compliance, data and plant processes.

3D Safety is currently supporting some of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia including the Westconnex – Rozelle Interchange project in Sydney and the LXRP Southern Program Alliance in Melbourne.

The proof is in the pudding – a spokesperson from the joint venture partnership behind NorthConnex’s 9km NSW twin tunnel, said, “Responding to issues on projects in a timely manner is critical on a project.

“3D Safety provided us with the evidence we needed to demonstrate good governance and helped us address issues quickly, saving us tens of thousands of dollars. The investment in 3D Safety was recouped many times over within the first 12 months of the project.”

860 per cent roi for NorthConnex

Unlike other systems designed by office-based programmers, the 3D Safety platform is Australian owned and designed, and managed by a team with thirty years’ groundlevel experience in the industry. All onboarding and inductions happen online prior to worker arrival onsite – reducing costs and ensuring, when the worker arrives, they are vetted and qualified to work.

The platform is flexible to be configured to your process of work, and enables workers to record observations and incidents on their phones and automates notifications and data reporting, which leads to increased engagement and real-time audit and compliance records.

With the 3D Safety platform, businesses are able to:

♦ Remove repetitive processes

♦ Analyse data in one place

♦ Log information in real-time

♦ Identify and reinforce positive behaviour

♦ Obtain consistent compliance reports

By using 3D Safety, more than 25,000 workers on NorthConnex saved the project millions, with an ROI of 860 per cent. The best safety outcomes are achieved where metrics are made available directly and immediately to decision-makers. 3D Safety empowers frontline staff with tools that provide insights and help to make good decisions that influence and change any potentially risky behaviour as soon as they see it.

For more information, please visit 3dsafety.com.au/power

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