The Victorian Government has released newly-redesigned concept images for the proposed Parkdale Station and elevated rail bridge at its level-crossing removal project in Parkdale.

Community feedback has shaped the latest designs, and the new station precinct and open space has been designed to reflect the local character and village feel of Parkdale.

The new station precinct will have a generous forecourt and gathering places, featuring warm and light-toned materials such as timber, granite and stone, in keeping with community feedback. Retaining original elements of the existing station is important to locals, so the station building will be repurposed and located within the new precinct.

The new open spaces will feature trees and landscaping, walking and cycling paths, and recreation areas including a basketball half court, open-air gym and nature-based play areas.

Image: Artist’s impression of the new Parkdale Station main forecourt. Photo: Victorian Government.

Building a single rail bridge will better connect the suburb – which is currently divided by the rail line – and allows more trees and landscaping to maximise the green space.

When the new station opens, passengers will enjoy modern, accessible station facilities, filled with natural light – featuring stairs and lifts to station platforms, a new office for Protective Services Officers, more lighting at night and better CCTV.

The community is now invited to share feedback on the updated designs at Engage Victoria, and at face-to-face and virtual community information sessions from mid October.

The designers will continue to receive valuable insights and advice from 14 community members on the Parkdale Open Space Advisory Panel to shape the final designs.

The project is also seeking nominations for community members to be part of the project’s Construction Liaison Group, who will help inform local communities and listen to feedback about issues that may affect them during construction.

Major construction will begin next year, and the level crossing will be gone in 2025.

The Victorian Government is removing 20 dangerous level crossings and building thirteen new stations as part of upgrades on the Frankston Line that will improve safety, reduce congestion and allow more trains to run more often.

The Level Crossing Removal Project is removing 85 dangerous and congested level crossings by 2025, with 67 already gone for good. Another eight level crossing removals on the Upfield Line have recently been added, and these will be gone in 2027.

Feature Image: Artist’s impression of the new Parkdale Station at street level. Photo: Victorian Government.

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  1. Jack 2 years ago

    The only reason you are building it overground is to save money. Stop trying to polish a turd and build it underground like the people want. You are voted in BY the people FOR the people! You can have as much green space you want if it’s underground and you don’t have big concrete pillars every 20 meters, a giant eye sore and a shadow over all of the local shops. Here’s an idea, if the overground stations are so great, how about whoever is deciding where they go, put them in their own neighbourhoods, the people of Parkdale don’t want it.

  2. Amy 1 year ago

    Everyone keeps talking about climate change, greening our neighbourhoods and natural light for well-being and mental health, how about you listen to the people who actually live in the area and who use the rail and roads and put the rail underground where it belongs. Then the cool sea breezes can continue to naturally flow up Parker’s Road and the trees you have levelled along the existing line, can grow back and the millions of tonnes of heat absorbing and light sucking, environmentally unfriendly concrete, you are using to turn a quaint neighbourhood village into an ugly grey monstrosity won’t be needed and Parkdale and it’s little shopping precinct might survive. This huge monstrosity will rob people of somewhere to meet up with friends and family. It may destroy business and it will take away sunlight, atmosphere and vistas everyone loves. So sad that the majority is drowned out by a minority yet again and there is no real consultation or consideration to the wants and needs of the people anymore.

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