Morning Speeding Traffic On Warringah Freeway

Excavations on the toll-free Iron Cove Link tunnels are now complete, marking a major milestone for the project which is set to ease congestion on one of Sydney’s busiest road corridors.

New South Wales Minister for Metropolitan Roads, Natalie Ward, said once open, the Iron Cove Link tunnels will provide two lanes of direct toll-free access to the Anzac Bridge for commuters.

“The toll-free Iron Cove Link is set to open in 2023 with commuters bypassing seven sets of traffic lights along Victoria Road, transforming one of our busiest road corridors into the Sydney CBD,” Mrs Ward said.

“Taking this motor network underground means we can reduce the number of vehicles on the busy Victoria Road and rejuvenate the corridor with better public transport, cycleways and pathways.

“The New South Wales Government’s $76 billion investment in road and transport infrastructure, improves the lives of commuters by getting them to where they are going, sooner and safer. 

“It is also significantly improving the amenity and liveability of local communities.”

To allow work to progress on key structures for the Iron Cove Link tunnel, from Saturday 5 November 2022 one citybound lane on Victoria Road at Iron Cove Bridge will be closed.

This lane will ultimately be replaced with two citybound lanes, which will open into the new Iron Cove Link tunnels and provide motorists travelling into the city with a direct and toll-free connection to the Anzac Bridge.

New South Wales Minister for Transport, Veterans and Western Sydney, David Elliott, says the change means there is now a dedicated bus lane from the Gladesville Bridge along Victoria Road.

“We are encouraging commuters to use the bus services with a new dedicated lane from the Gladesville Bridge along Victoria Road,” Mr Elliott said.

“On a typical weekday there are approximately 360 buses heading into the city on Victoria Road. 

“During the morning peak the buses travel every few minutes, which means you can get into the Sydney CBD with ease on the 501 to the 507 buses.”

Works around the Iron Cove Link will include delivering additional safety and accessibility measures including a signalised pedestrian and cyclist crossing, road barriers and cladding on the ventilation facility.

With the lane closed on Victoria Road before Iron Cove Bridge, and opening back up near Wellington Street, the New South Wales Government is asking motorists to be mindful of the new traffic conditions and plan their trips ahead.

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  1. Brian Deeming 7 months ago

    Fair Dinkum. This has not been handled correctly. At no time was I informed that the new tunnel allowed access to the Anzac Bridge. Today, I first saw a sign to indicate a Toll free link to the Anzac Bridge when I was travelling along Victoria Road. The sign was inappropriately small and too near the entrance to the tunnel to allow me to change lanes to access the tunnel.This was due to unprecedented congestion. Many vehicles in the lane that provided access to both the tunnel and Victoria Road that split near the tunnel entrance were trying to change to the left lane, the lane that I was travelling in, as they most likely believed that this lane was only to access the tunnel requiring a Toll Payment which was not correct. I have often travelled by bus to Pyrmont along Victoria Road, have you? Well, have you? I have never observed any reason to have TWO Bus lanes. I consider this bloody ridiculous. Also, I was not informed that the three lanes on Victoria Road were to merge into one lane. It is total incompetence that information has not been provided. There has been ample time to inform the public. I suggest that both you and Elliot resign. The comment that signage was satisfactory is a nonsense. The comment that people were changing lanes is correct, but clear diagrams and detailed information was not provided. I drove the route to see how it would operate days before opening and was clear on the lanes but ignorant of the access to Anzac Bridge. A giant failure. Communication requires you to inform people. I have never taken 2 hours to travel 9km to Pyrmont. I never received information that Victoria Road would merge from three lanes to one lane to access Anzac Bridge. The worst mess I have ever seen on our roads. I had not realised David Elliot was involved. It makes more sense now. I will never forget your inadequacy. No response nor excuse is required in a response. This is to tell you of your failings and requires no response from you.

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