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Engineers Australia has partnered with the Office of The New South Wales Building Commissioner (OBC) to deliver training courses for the construction industry, in support of the Construct NSW Strategy.

Designed and developed through Engineering Education Australia (EEA), the four on-demand courses centre on priority topics with a safety focus that support the Construction Engineering Learning and Development Guide and skills gaps identified in construction engineering.

The four on-demand courses include:

  • Cladding Remediation: Part A
    Provides an introduction to façades and cladding, how façades fail, prioritising defects and the appropriate course of action
  • Cladding Remediation: Part B
    Delves deeper into technical information, using real-life case studies to demonstrate how to manage typical façade and cladding defects. delves deeper into technical information, using real-life case studies to demonstrate how to manage typical façade and cladding defects
  • Integrated Testing and Commissioning
    Assists design and building practitioners to exercise greater collaboration within their roles, to enable better-integrated testing and commissioning processes through the lifecycle of a design project
  • Site Inspections for Engineers
    Develops a general understanding of conducting a site inspection, and the on-site processes and key relationships involved

Engineers Australia CEO, Romilly Madew, said the organisation was committed to improving standards in the construction sector.

“Engineers Australia is committed to building reform and will continue to work with the OBC and the broader sector to improve the standard of engineering practice,” Ms Madew said.

“These courses are designed to assist engineers working in the building industry to align with the regulatory system and help ensure they consistently practise to the highest of our profession’s standards.”

Director of the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner, Vanessa Carmody-Smith, said the courses would emphasise the significant responsibilities of engineers.

“Engineers have a crucial role in the design and construction phases. These courses emphasise the role and responsibilities of Engineers in our industry to be cognisant of conducting inspections and maintaining a high standard as their reputation is critical to their future success in New South Wales.”

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