New England Highway bypass

The New South Wales Government has announced the shortlisted tenderers for the design and construction of the $700 million New England Highway bypass.

The shortlisted bidders include Acciona Constructions Australia, Fulton Hogan Construction and John Holland.

The planned bypass of Singleton promises to improve the movement of freight and journeys for current and future traffic demands. The Australian Government has committed $560 million and the New South Wales Government is providing $140 million to deliver the bypass.  

Early work on the project is scheduled to start in late 2022, weather permitting, and the bypass is expected to open to traffic in late 2026. 

Federal Infrastructure for Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Catherine King, said  

“The bypass will remove one of the Hunter region’s most notorious bottlenecks.

“The 8km project will bypass five sets of traffic lights in Singleton’s CBD and remove about 15,000 vehicles a day from the town centre, ease congestion and improve safety as well as deliver time savings for thousands of motorists each day.

“It also delivers economic growth and will support more than 1,300 jobs during construction.”

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  1. David Hawes 2 years ago

    Why is this proceeding before they complete the M1 missing link project over the Hunter River?

  2. Ian Reid 2 years ago

    Three companies are mentioned here, as being some of the approved tenderer. Why is the full list not published as stated in the headline?

    • Willie Plumm 2 years ago

      Headline didn’t say it would publish the full list…

  3. Eileen 2 years ago

    What I would like to know is this: Why don’t they complete the Maldon-Dombarton rail line, which only needs a bridge and tunnel, before starting new projects???
    They took the money from this project to bid for the Sydney Olympics, which was meant to boost the Australian and NSW economy. Well the bid was successful and Olympics held 22 years ago now, but still this project is not completed in 2022 and meant to be finished in 1986!
    I wrote to MPs about finishing this project and they suggest bringing up this subject prior to ‘the next elections’, and passing the buck between Federal and State Governments. My thoughts are ‘how about “you got elected, so here is your chance to improve things while you are in office” ‘ such a cop out – they should be ashamed. We are all Australian here – how about helping? So many broken election promises…
    Don’t go looking for new projects. Just finish what you started.

    The Maldon-Dombarton rail line project would get coal freight off the Illawarra escarpment, create jobs, deliver economic growth and also potentially open areas up for affordable housing opportunities in Illawarra and Wollondilly Shires.

    The Government should be spending money to complete this project, and not relying on private enterprise to pay to complete the work – which communities then spend years paying off (like the road tolls and airport station access fees).

  4. Mark 2 years ago

    While you’re at it, can you (government) sort out the rail infrastructure so there are LESS semitrailers (heavy freight movers) on the roads, HWYs MotorWays that damage the road surface from Brisbane to Melbourne, Bourke to Sydney and everywhere in between..
    Major rail will help maintain the roads and save money

    • benough 2 years ago

      This is what the ARTC is doing now by building the Inland Rail project.

  5. Michael Hosie 2 years ago

    I agree with the guy that said about finishing the M1 link across the Hunter river it’s a joke that a major highway goes to one lane onto the Hexham bridge and you also have 2 highways of two lanes each merging into one 2 lane highway by Beresfield what a joke

  6. Richard kind 2 years ago

    Oh and also don’t ever question why new roads like this ‘cost’ only $87,000 per metre whilst each government tries to establish corruption inquisitions against each other.

  7. Shirlee 2 years ago

    If all you whingers, complaints and criticisers here think you can do better, why don’t you stand for election.
    It’s not easy. I know because my father was an elected member of government in the UK for 25years

  8. JM 2 years ago

    Can you please advise on an update for the Tenterfield heavy vehicle bypass for Tenterfield???

  9. keith geary 1 year ago

    I am 73 yrs old & have travelled this “Hwy” since I was 5yrs old to Armidale & Qld . Cannot believe that this govt & prev. ones still think like they do with these projects. Why build single lane either way for the Singleton Bypass when ,just down the road the hwy is being widened to TWO lanes each way towards Brankston & the Hunter Motorway. This Hwy should be dual carriageway all the way to the Qld border.
    Same said for the Sturt Hwy ,National truck route to the west. Single track “goat track” from Hume Hwy all the way to Mildura and can’t even manage a Bypass around Wagga Wagga as they sold of the easy route to developers
    Another person also commented on the Failure of the Govt to finish the Maldon to Dumbarton Rail Project ” Half Bridge to Knowhere”. This should have been finalised years ago as part of the Sydney/Wollongong/Newcastle master plan.It Should be a gateway means to the South Coast from Western Syd. via Campbelltown AND not only for freight. It also would take the Stress off the Moss Vale/Port Kembla & Syd/South Coast Lines with their restrictions.
    I have also sent email correspondence via my State Member to the last 2 Transport Ministers. Should of spoken to Daffy Duck instead for a worthwhile answer

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