aerial of exterior of Sydney Central Station

The New South Wales Government has committed a further $180 million, with the next stage of the More Trains, More Services program set to deliver critical infrastructure works to station platforms to accommodate the new fleet and enable up to 15 trains every hour to access rail platforms at Central Station’s Grand Concourse.

The additional funding is on top of the New South Wales Government’s existing investment of more than $5.3 billion in the More Trains, More Services program, which has already delivered 41 new Waratah Series 2 trains and more than 1700 additional weekly services since 2017.

The More Trains, More Services program is committed to modernising the rail network at Central Station’s Grand Concourse, providing commuters with more frequent and reliable services while reducing wait times and overcrowding.

New South Wales Minister for Transport, Veterans and Western Sydney, David Elliott, said the multimillion-dollar investment represented the future of our rail system.

“The More Trains, More Services initiative will simplify and bring our rail network into the 21st century, creating high capacity, turn up and go services for commuters,” Mr Elliott said.

“We are committed to future-proofing the existing rail network and ensuring it remains in the best shape for generations to come. 

Mr Elliot said the investment will upgrade rail infrastructure and improve signalling, increasing reliability, resilience, and frequency of services.

“Updating aging critical signalling assets with new-generation technology means the rail network can recover faster after extreme weather or technical failures, leading to fewer delays and cancellations for our commuters.

“The program will further simplify and modernise the rail network while supporting service changes from 2024 to integrate Sydney Metro City and Southwest services with the heavy rail network,” Mr Elliot said.

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  1. Diana Vukovic 2 years ago

    Waste of taxpayers money. It’s always has been about the east against the west. The west are the most taxpayers in our west . Comparison to the east.
    Spend the money where it’s needed. The state government is a basket case. Pay the nurses , teachers and etc . And both federal and state should bring back regulation and not privatised. Stop following the USA path . You all sold most of Australian assets for greed.

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