For new rollingstock and train control projects, as well as for routine infrastructure maintenance, accurate digital data can support a shift away from manual compliance methods towards an automated, fully auditable approach. 

Throughout 2022, Agonics has demonstrated to a major Australian railway operator that datasets recorded at scale could be processed to produce standardised measurement reports on rail track and infrastructure across a number of different asset classes. 

The project formed the basis for a business case approval to move from manual inspections to automated LiDAR-based reports, thus setting the scene for safer and more cost-effective inspections. 

Agonics has been at the forefront of the digitisation of Australia’s rail networks and its team has digitised over 16,000km of domestic network to date. The downstream uses of this data are manifold and have included refreshes to network asset inventories, the automation of measurement reports on track and infrastructure, kinematic clearance analyses and nose cone design support for new rollingstock, level crossing sighting distance investigations, and dilapidation surveys for pre-construction works.

The list continues to grow as traditional work methods come under increasing scrutiny for their cost and resource intensiveness. 

It is Agonics’ view that changes in work practises in rail are accelerating as the industry increases its reliance on digital datasets that accurately describe the network in its current state.

Agonics will be exhibiting at AusRail 2022 in Brisbane from December 5 to 7. If your organisation is looking for ways to integrate digital data into existing work practises, Agonics consultants are happy to engage with you there. 

For a consultation visit, or email Agonics at

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