Austroads has released new technical specifications and defining requirements for bridge construction including the supply and installation of expansion joints, cold applied sealant joints, preformed elastomeric compression seals and aluminium and stainless steel components.

Austroads has also published a new scientific test method which details the procedure for determining chloride content of backfill material intended for use in reinforced earth structures.

The Austroads Technical Specification (ATS) release comprises of:

The release also includes Austroads Test Method (ATM) 710 Chloride Content of Soil.

Austroads Transport Infrastructure Program Manager, Ross Guppy, said, “We aim to provide further consistency and industry specific guidance to road and bridge construction in Australia and New Zealand with these new additions to the series of Austroads Technical Specifications and Test Methods.”

“The proper testing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of all elements in bridge construction are vital for bridge longevity and safety.”

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