The Federal Government is working with the New South Wales Government to address critical infrastructure needs of the New South Wales south coast, allocating an additional $65 million for the Nowra Bypass planning project.

The additional funding will bring the total joint commitment with the New South Wales Government to $105 million and will allow for robust planning and preparatory works to occur on this priority project for the people of Shoalhaven.

A bypass is expected to ease traffic congestion, reduce travel times, improve safety for all road users and increase amenity for the community and businesses of Nowra.

Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister, Catherine King, said, “We are committed to working with the NSW Government to deliver good infrastructure investment that creates jobs, builds opportunity and unlocks economic growth and productivity.

“By easing traffic congestion and improving safety through Nowra, a bypass will improve the liveability and workability of the region – supporting freight, local businesses and tourism,” Ms King said.

The $105 million Nowra Bypass planning project is being funded by both governments, with the Federal Government committing $97 million and the New South Wales Government $8 million.

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  1. John Kitlash 1 year ago

    Let’s be clear. The NSW LNP Government has committed exactly 8 million dollars… they have yet to deliver it in a budget. The Federal Labor Government has coughed up more than 100 million. Your article suggests the NSW LNP Government has jointly funded this. It is misleading at best. Please do more than skim articles from regional newspapers, research matters.
    John Kotlash

  2. Gary Harris 1 year ago

    With all the fanfare about the Yarra Valley being the boom for local and international tourism, Why is both the Victorian and Federal governments not helping out with infrastructure. It is already well known that the main roads are congested and are high risk accident zone. The need to build the Healesville Freeway with a lilydale bypass is urgently needed. Along with that the need to duplicate the Warburton, Maroondah and Melba Highways is needed now. The Yarra Valley Tourism businesses and locals should be demanding action.

  3. Richard kind 1 year ago

    So if its 5km long that’s about $20,000 per metre. Just like every other infrastructure project, not a sceric of any corruption huh

  4. David Cranswick 1 year ago

    Unimpressed. What we need here is better public transport. There is some but it’s poor. It was only lately you could use a card to travel. I think building better rail connection to Nowra and further south would be a better long term investment for all the reasons cited for building a bypass plus dramatically increasing economic development in the area.
    An expensive new road bridge crossing the Shoalhaven River is currently in construction and will be made entirely redundant if a bypass is built. Short term political imperatives are the basis for decisions on transport infrastructure it seems from the evidence.
    We despair

  5. Liz 1 year ago

    What about the Milton Ulladulla bypass?? Been on hold for years! Have you seen the congestion in the area every summer and Easter weekend? 😟 No trains and a two lane (Princes) highway. Disgraceful!

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