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Approximately three per cent of globally produced energy is currently consumed by data centres, with a prediction of this increasing to 20 per cent by 2025. As one of the highest growth areas in energy usage, prioritising efficient practices is becoming increasingly important to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape and drive business forward. 

Although a demanding task, with the right information, it is possible to implement informed power monitoring and capacity planning and improve the energy efficiency of a data centre.

Distributed by IPD, ABB offers the latest technology in data centre management, delivering flexible and unique solutions to meet any application requirements. ABB’s tailored solutions are designed for any Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) level defined by data centre standards, allowing for innovative data centre management to increase overall energy efficiency.

ABB’s energy efficient solutions for data centres consist of several devices including the TruONE automatic transfer switch. ABB’s TruONE is the world’s first ATS designed with a switch, controller, HMI unit and sensors in one seamless unit for simple installation and operation. TruONE has the capability to measure currents, voltages, active, reactive, and apparent power and energy. 

This device is particularly useful for applications requiring a constant, secured power supply such as data centres, featuring predictive maintenance and condition monitoring to ensure reduced downtime and service costs as well.

Are you ready to future-proof your data centres? Download this whitepaper to discover the latest energy management insights and explore new-age solutions to increase energy efficiency in your new or existing data centres 

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by IPD. For more information on IPD’s range of ABB solutions, visit or contact an IPD representative on 1300 556 601.

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