Roads Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s first National Road Safety Action Plan (2023-2025), which provides a framework for the Federal and State Governments to take actions to reduce road accidents and fatalities.

The Action Plan is intended to support the implementation of the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30.

Roads Australia (RA) has been involved in the development of the Action Plan at various stages over the past two years, most recently participating in a high-level Road Safety Roundtable convened by the Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Carol Brown, in October 2022.

Roads Australia CEO, Michael Kilgariff, said RA highlighted challenges in relation to the collection of more comprehensive data around crashes and near misses involving road workers, as well as opportunities to improve regional road safety by prioritising low-cost treatments that can be effective in saving lives.

“It is pleasing to see the Action Plan released this week contains commitments in both these areas to deliver action on the part of both the Australian Government and the states/territories,” Mr Kilgariff said.


The Federal Government will:

  • Lead research into data relating to workplace crashes and near misses when the road is part of the workplace
  • Establish base data for workplace fatalities involving vehicles
  • Target future road safety programs to deliver Safe System treatments on high to moderate volume roads


The state and territory governments have committed to:

  • Review traffic management policies with particular attention to speed limits at road work sites and their enforcement
  • Contribute data to the Australian Government to assist in the establishment of a baseline for workplace fatalities involving a vehicle
  • Undertake safety risk assessments on high to moderate volume regional roads, identifying key priorities and implementing specific road safety infrastructure improvements to reduce run-off-road and head-on crashes within a 10-year investment program


“RA looks forward to working with all jurisdictions as they deliver on these commitments that will help to keep our industry’s workforce safe and deliver enhanced road safety outcomes for the wider community” Mr Kilgariff said.

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  1. Mark Arena 1 year ago

    Independent ( & only Road Safety Specialist, Aust. 2004 -2023) The 2023 Action Plan is completely implausible,
    unproven, wishful thinking, a complete ‘sham’ and shameful. It will change nothing at all . Crash deaths across
    Australia will continue to rise as will 40,000 + terrible injuries…each year…who are they kidding, they have
    provided no evidence to back up the Strategy and Plan and virtually no ‘reforms’. The persons who are responsible
    for these deliberate and ‘by choice’ failed strategies…should be hauled before a tribunal and ‘tried’ for total
    incompetence and complete disregard for human life and suffering. Further evidence of this we will see by December, 2023 and also July, 2024 and December ,2024. Yet again, another ‘guaranteed’, hopeless failure in every way. MA 14/2/2023 Sutherland, NSW

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