By Ben Townsley, Managing Director, Pronamics

Throughout the Australian infrastructure industry, companies are managing billion-dollar contracts yet going into administration due to poor risk mitigation and cash flow management, so job security is no doubt always in the corner of your mind. If you’re an estimator, you can easily get a new job, but are you getting ahead?

You’re worth more than your hourly rate. Achieve more, earn more and enjoy industry recognition without having to work more by using exceptional estimating software. Then the only thing you’ll be doing more of is enjoying life.

Reach your goals

Estimators that become industry leaders are the ones who acquire skills and experience. They get the best positions and compensation because they leverage their tools and global network to create profitable opportunities for their company. They also work smarter, not harder, so they maintain a healthy work-life balance – preserving their physical and mental health, and establishing themselves as reliable and valuable team members.

Is becoming a respected, coveted and well-compensated industry specialist part of your career plan?

Don’t be held back

It’s scary to think that there are estimators doing multi-million-dollar calculations in repurposed, unsuitable software, putting their fate in the hands of aging, unsupported and unmaintained applications, or even stitching together old spreadsheets to create a tender for submission.

Pronamics has seen how those who cling to familiar yet inefficient ways end up paying for it – mentally, personally, financially and professionally. Is your software impeding your success?

Choose wisely

Companies that attract and retain good estimators are the ones that value them. They give them the tools, training, support and experience needed to grow and succeed. Key decision-makers partner with companies who uphold their commitments when delivering products and services to their most valuable resource – their team.

The software estimators use is no exception. Security, accuracy, clear workflows and configurable reporting are essential. Within the application’s ecosystem there must also be comprehensive support offerings, dynamic multi-user systems to support flexible working arrangements and accessible opportunities for users to upskill.

Development must include industry collaboration and upgrades released to align with industry trends. In a world where cost management is critical, the software must also be affordable. Have you chosen your estimating tool wisely?

Why choose expert estimation?

More than 30 years ago Pronamics’ founder, an experienced and well-respected estimator, provided estimators with the first purpose-built, accurate and affordable estimating software on the market. Now, with over three decades of comprehensive industry use and feedback, ExpertEstimation has evolved into one of the world’s most powerful, professional and versatile estimating applications.

Since then, Pronamics has been transforming ‘meh-stimators’ into expert estimators. The philosophy ‘more done – more fun’ permeates every aspect of the user experience. Partnering with Pronamics means you will have access to exceptional software. You’ll also enjoy unrivalled personalised support, an exclusive professional network and incredible career opportunities.

Pronamics has the tool and the team to make your measurable outputs spectacular. Time to find out what you are really worth.

This is a sponsored editorial brought to you by Pronamics, for more information, please visit

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