No matter the location, critical infrastructure needs to be monitored to ensure continuous functionality and asset security and safety. But when infrastructure is located in a remote location, far from wired internet or network power, asset owners need a robust solution that can reliably provide eyes and protection at all times.

When it comes to security, being able to see what is happening anywhere at any time can make all the difference for infrastructure owners. But in remote locations, or at temporary jobs or unwired sites, surveillance options can be limited.

Remote sites can also bring challenges associated with buried services, earthing systems, shared ownership or leasing and other constraints that make excavations or engineering changes to existing infrastructure and assets complex, time-consuming and expensive.

As a result, setting up security systems in hard to reach or temporary locations can become unfeasible or costly to install. In these situations, utilities and critical infrastructure owners have often been left with no other choice but to do nothing and hope for the best.

However, it is possible to find a solution that can meet the unique requirements of remote assets, ensuring critical infrastructure in remote and temporary locations can remain operational and secure.

Even the most remote infrastructure can be protected with Spectur’s surveillance systems.

No site too remote

Around Australia, there are many assets and construction sites situated in physically remote or temporary locations. With traditional camera systems or limited security personnel, there is very little network operators can do to prevent any harm or damage to equipment or buildings.

But a lack of access to power or wired internet is no longer an obstacle when protecting remote assets. Spectur designs and manufactures surveillance and warning systems with the ability to function off-the-grid. Spectur’s systems offer eyes at all times on key infrastructure and assets, to assist with monitoring and security.

Substations, marshalling yards, sidings, construction sites, pumping stations, telecommunication towers, power generators, dams and many more sites are often located in remote or temporary locations, where it is difficult to regularly send out personnel to monitor assets.

With Spectur’s security solutions, personnel can have a real-time live view of assets without having to be on site. At any time and anywhere, asset owners can check changing conditions to ensure personnel and assets are safe.

Decision-making without human intervention

What makes Spectur’s systems truly unique is that as well as being able to operate off-grid, they also have the ability to sense, think and act in response to a range of stimuli. With a system that can sense and make decisions – all without human intervention – asset owners can have peace of mind that critical assets are protected even when there is no one around.

Spectur’s systems use cameras to capture images, detect motion and offer the ability to remotely monitor sites. Utilising artificial intelligence (AI), the systems distinguish real threats from false alarms, and then act to broadcast a pre-recorded warning, flashing lights or alarm.

These actions deter trespassers; and the ability to distinguish between real and false alarms ensures asset owners are not bothered by sensors mistaking moving wildlife or foliage for an intruder.

The AI is also fully programmable and can be provided by third parties onto the devices and in the cloud, allowing specialist applications such as fire detection, flood monitoring, people counting and other applications to be added and deployed remotely and flexibly.

For example, Spectur cameras can identify number plates to determine which vehicles are meant to be on the property and which are not. When unapproved licence plates are identified, alarms can sound and online alerts sent, alerting asset owners of the security breach.

Self-contained systems

Spectur camera platforms can function off-the-grid because they are completely wireless. Powered with solar panels and rechargeable batteries, there is no need for a wired power connection as each station, consisting of four cameras, can operate for five days when fully charged.

On top of that, an in-built 3G/4G modem, with amplified antennas or even satellite connectivity ensures transferring data, communications and more is possible, no matter where the system is located. As a result, Spectur’s systems are fully self-contained and do away with obstacles associated with installing costly and intrusive surveillance equipment.

Setting up a Spectur system requires no trenching, excavating or digging to set up cables. This not only removes the need for going through a long approval process for permits, but is also less intrusive for the local environment.

Spectur’s systems can also be made transportable by setting them up on a concrete block or trailer. This is ideal for temporary locations, and also gives options for permanently located assets or sites.

A fully wireless and self-contained system also means that these cameras don’t have to be installed on buildings. Spectur systems can be positioned on the perimeter of an asset or property to stop people before they can even scale a fence.

By the time an intruder has entered a property and reached a critical asset, it’s often too late. Preventing intruders from even breaching the perimeter of an asset ensures criminals are deterred well before they can damage assets, equipment or buildings.

Actively looking out for trouble

Surveillance systems aren’t just used for preventing property damage, they can also ensure on-site safety for both workers and members of the public. Not all intruders who enter these sites are looking for trouble – some may be thieves or vandals, but sometimes it’s children or teens looking for fun or a homeless person seeking shelter.

These sites can be very dangerous to non-professionals, with the risk of electrocution, injury, or even death. Spectur solutions can act as a deterrent to prevent intruders from entering the property and potentially hurting themselves.

Eyes at all times

When overseeing assets in remote or temporary locations, peace of mind means having eyes at all times. Whether it’s checking for damaged equipment, checking if flood levels have risen or deterring intruders, Spectur’s systems keep critical assets safe and sites operating.

For even the most remote assets in Australia, Spectur’s surveillance and monitoring solutions offer self-contained, wireless, responsive, solar powered and easy-to-install security and protection systems.

For more information on remote surveillance and monitoring systems using Spectur’s smart solutions, call 1300 802 960 to talk to our team and find the right solution for your unique onsite challenges.

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